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Konami To Release Any Patches For PES6

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by Mat250000, 1 November 2006.

  1. Mat250000

    Mat250000 League 1

    28 November 2005
    Anyone know if Konami gunna release any patches for this game to fix the bugs.At first i didnt get care to much but its starting to annoy me somewhat now.Going by past experiences with Konami.They didnt even bother putting out a patch for one of me other games i own.So with this one i aint expecting anything.Ive looked around the net for any news and found no news on a pes6 official patch.So i gone back to what i think is the best footballing game ever PES5 for now
  2. illogic95

    illogic95 1/2 Man, 1/2 Amazing

    28 March 2006
    South County
    seems there a better chance of being struck by lightning. twice. but nevertheless a patch is mos def needed to fix the online problems, as well as the shooting bugs.
  3. y2ksa

    y2ksa Bring it ON!!

    7 March 2003
    Real Madrid
    And don’t forget commentary they guy is drunk when it comes to the game results!
    When I’m up 2:0 he sez the score is 2:1 and so on
  4. chizzer

    chizzer Conference

    15 November 2004
    An ip>ip patch would be nice. It would also reduce the load on their server
  5. gigimarulla

    gigimarulla Serie C1

    6 June 2006
    Cosenza 1914
    maybe the cause is the optionfile,lot of people say that if you change OF commentator drinks beer:cheers: :drunk: :! mryellow:
  6. Primepost

    Primepost Banned

    31 August 2006
    hehe commentary is on drugs, whats a beer? hehe :)
  7. lonige

    lonige League 2

    23 October 2006
    will they? never.....

    p.s>when I got a penalty shoot out chance and made the ball fly high, commentator said it was really nice shoot.;;
  8. Obamartins

    Obamartins League 2

    26 June 2005
    and konami have remove menu for chance configuration joypdad,resolution video,choose team at end match and in kits choose wow
  9. merciless

    merciless Non-League

    5 August 2004
    Man at least read the manual.
  10. Obamartins

    Obamartins League 2

    26 June 2005
    repeat plz
  11. damianpadden

    damianpadden Banned

    7 October 2003
    We should be compensated by Konami for having to put up with such bad programming. I played a friendly game today and at the end of the match the "common tatter" said I had won the Seria A title, I pissed my pants laughing. Also at the start of the second half when it was 0-0 he said "Now they have equalised they should try and go for the winner". This is very bad. Konami need to make alot of fixes in this game. I wonder if they will fix the ATI Card issue or perhaps we will just have to use the No DVD executable.

    Fingers crossed, but I will not loose much sleep over it.


    ps - i did send a note to the support team and got nothing back, how odd.
  12. chrismodd

    chrismodd League 2

    21 June 2004
    I think he means that the configuration joypad has to be made via settings.exe in the PES6 folder, so no messing about inside the actual game.
  13. Obamartins

    Obamartins League 2

    26 June 2005
    but before they were present because to remove them?
    before pes5 had all option,pes6 not,why? :(
  14. OneProudGooner

    OneProudGooner League 2

    15 June 2005
    What's even worse is when I play as Ivory Coast against another national team and at the end of the game when I've won he says that I've won thte Serie A title.

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