KONAMI PES European Finals 2009-video

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by Bratigoal, 11 October 2009.

  1. Bratigoal

    Bratigoal Non-League

    14 July 2004
    Andenes, Norway
    YouTube - KONAMI PES European Finals 2009

    Language: Norwegian and English
    Involved in it: Caniggia @AllsvenskanPES, wiDe, S-Butcher, Petter @PESNorge.net and when Jinxy is crowned the new Champion.

    Enjoy, please leave a comment.


    PESNorge.net - Norway's biggest site for Pro Evo
  2. King-Kourosh

    King-Kourosh Non-League

    8 January 2009
    lol, I bet I and many others could absoultely own these "top" players. The only difference between these guys and highly skilled players who do not attend is the time and effort put in to actually bother and compete in these tournaments. This is not a sport, being good at PES has nothing to do with any physicality which is what online gaming was made for. Unfortunetly if the online was actually even basic on the recent next-gen PES's, these dudes would most likely get pwned all the time.

    But I'm lazy so all I can do is offer my congrats to the winner lol.
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  3. Looped Header

    Looped Header In

    5 July 2009
    PES 2010
    Uh.. where's the game footage? :CONFUSE:

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