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Konami patch made things worse!

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by expat, 6 November 2007.

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  1. expat

    expat League 2

    27 September 2006
    I applied the Konami patch but it seems to have made my game performance worse...is there a way of unpatching this without losing all my editing/kits etc...?
  2. mulkman

    mulkman Non-League

    26 August 2006
    Yes Im pretty sure konami only patch the .exe file in the update. Sp just replace your PES2008.exe file with the one on the CD

    Hope that helps

    What are your full system specs
  3. Not.SlyPee

    Not.SlyPee i.Am.Me

    6 November 2006
    FK Zalgiris
    The patched pes2008.exe and settings.exe if that helps.
  4. expat

    expat League 2

    27 September 2006
    Never mind, I went and bought a nvidia Geforce 8500GT 512mb yesterday. Now everything runs awesome on High settings. Also, the gameplay feels very different than it did on Low settings for some reason. Now the game feels awesome to play, the control seems tighter and even the goalkeepers are better - no soft goals.
Thread Status:
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