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Kitserver problem

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by AsterNzeyii, 20 November 2009.

  1. AsterNzeyii

    AsterNzeyii Meh.

    4 August 2008
    Newcastle United
    I've read the FAQ a thousand times but it hasn't got a solution for my problem. I just don't see any changes. I've copied the config-sample.txt into the config.txt. Kitserver itself says it works, but the modifications aren't visible. Anyone help?
  2. m3ron

    m3ron Conference

    13 November 2007
    - You should ask this question in kitserver topic.
    - What modifications did you make?
    - Has kitserver properly installed?
    - Please paste your config.txt and pes2010.log
  3. Daylin

    Daylin Pes omnia vincit

    31 October 2009
    Problem already solved?
    If not, you can add me on msn 2night. I will try to help you.

    Let me know ok?

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