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Kit editing - Invisible during gameplay?!

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by erk, 28 July 2006.

  1. erk

    erk Guest


    I edited a kit using Macromedia Fireworks, but the kit comes up as invisible during gameplay. On the team selection screen it works fine.

    When I check the properties of the file it looks to be the same as those of a kit that works.

    Are there any special settings that I need to make in Fireworks? Any ideas?

  2. xinzhitan14

    xinzhitan14 Retired Kit Maker

    30 April 2006
    The Outback - Australia!
    go go go gunners!
    you need to open the kit in Game graphic studio and set the opacity to 100%. thne it will work :)
  3. erk

    erk Guest

    Works fine.. Great thanks for that!
  4. KEZ

    KEZ Guest

    Is that a different software program or still Macromedia Fireworks?
  5. erk

    erk Guest

    Different program - lots of links to the program on the web - just do a search on "game graphics studio pes" in google. :)
  6. banquet

    banquet Non-League

    28 April 2006
    where do i change the capacity? cant seem to find anything relating to it.

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