Killzone Liberation (PSP)

Discussion in 'Other Games' started by wilier, 25 July 2007.

  1. wilier

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    12 November 2001
    Now on Level 3.3, and am enjoying this game immensely. What continues to impress me is how refined the gameplay is, from the use of cover to the selection of weapons. The enemy AI is pretty good, too, and the sheer variety of enemies really changes the way you need to tackle each adversary, e.g. for shotgun enemies, you have to finish them b4 they get too close, for grenade throwers you need to rush in close and pummel them quickly. For snipers, you have to stay on the move and attack whilst they reload. It all adds up to a very well balanced game mechanic.

    I really enjoy the use of checkpoints, which allows me to catch 20 minutes of play. The best thing is that whenever I succeed or die I know it's because of the way I played it. The game is inherently fair, in my opinion, and rewards clever and accurate play. I also love the timing aspect of the gunfights... ducking, diving, reloading, firing just enough to floor an opponent before immediately reloading just in time to fire as he gets back onto his feet... it's all so expertly crafted.

    Add to this the excellent buddy control system, and I really feel this has been the game of the year for me.

    I haven't tried the online play portion, so i cannot comment on that, nor have I tried the 2P co-op or rewards challenges. Nevertheless, this game has really touched something in me.. that joy of playing a beautiful & inspired creation.

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