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Joga Bonito

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by expat, 7 January 2007.

  1. expat

    expat League 2

    27 September 2006
    I can live with being cheated by the CPU, even though its MUCH improved A.I is the best so far, no complaints here. Its being cheated by 'real' people when playing online that I cant stomach. I'm a football fan. A purist. I have a deep appreciation for the skill and finesse of the real life game and therefore try to reflect this in my approach to playing PES6. But when I play against laggers, cut back merchants and people who score 3 IDENTICAL goals in one online game, it really takes away the option of playing online. Therefore, I will continue to play ML and take heart from the fact that Im playing for the love of the game, not to make up for my lack of skill, guile, finesse and tactical prowess. JOGA BONITA, not results and winning statistics. Some people just dont 'get it'.
  2. Rob92

    Rob92 Guest

    I know exactly what you mean, all these twats say "defend it properly" and stuff like that but all the cutbackers need is a bit of luck and they score one.
    I like to use the L1+X pass and move and then a chipped through ball to run onto and volley, it makes some brilliant goals :D.
  3. expat

    expat League 2

    27 September 2006
    I like to play a passing game. Give and go's, little trianges and precise through balls. You can play 'real' football with PES6. Also I like the little mistakes players make and the deflections, it all adds up to a real football experience. Yesterday I hit a free kick that deflected of the wall and nutmegged the keeper. That kind of realism is what makes this game for me. JOGA BONITA.
  4. Rob92

    Rob92 Guest

    Some funny stuff happens in PES as well :D, I had a goal that was nicked off me and given as an own goal. It hit the bar, bounced on the line, came up and hit the roof of the net, Rio Ferdinand (opposition) comes steaming in and leaps up really high, tries to head the ball and hit it in with his knee when it was already over the line. Rio's head went through the crossbar as well :D.
    I couldnt' stop laughing for a while, it took the piss though.

    PES6 owes me a goal :p.

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