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Japanese cartoon characters appearing in ML

Discussion in 'Winning Eleven' started by dark8, 9 August 2006.

  1. dark8

    dark8 Non-League

    11 August 2005
    Hi guys,

    Im up to the year 2011 in my ML game, and every year i will look for players with potential.

    This year i have found 3 players from the 80's japanese cartoon "captain tsubasa" (although not tsubasa himself yet).
    Anyone else found this happening?
    the players i have found so far is Jun Misugi (三杉 淳, ) DMF
    Shingo Aoi (葵 新伍) ST
    Taro Misaki (岬 太郎) MF

    for those who have no idea what captain tsubasa is check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Captain_Tsubasa#Players
  2. jc_denton

    jc_denton Non-League

    4 August 2006
    I've not noticed anything like that yet, but... Captain Tsubasa seems to be the single greatest thing i have ever heard of... Okay that's a lie and an exaggeration, but still it has to be better than that other football cartoon that was on CITV when i was a kid.
  3. doinger

    doinger Sunday Date

    23 February 2006
    don't you use edited optionfile?
  4. dark8

    dark8 Non-League

    11 August 2005
    does it make a difference what OF i use? I thought ML players that were created were all from the game itself
  5. crayon

    crayon Yamato Gaijin

    23 October 2004
    Hokkaido Japan
    Liverpool FC
    Isn't there a French patch doing the rounds with Captain Tsubasa characters?
  6. dark8

    dark8 Non-League

    11 August 2005
    so the patch actually creates tsubasa characters from the start? or they can make them come out in year 2010 in ML?
  7. faded2025

    faded2025 Guest

    The Hurricanes? ;p
  8. ooh_harry

    ooh_harry League 1

    8 July 2005
    Fosters home for imaginary friends
    Arsenal, Juventus
    oh they were awful >< I remember an episode where they had to 'summon' ancient powers in southern America to prevent a storm so their match could continue
  9. Whistle

    Whistle Premiership

    18 January 2003
    Nope, they were all in the original Japanese WE10 -- in ML's youngster, and they will come out in random....
  10. rino

    rino Non-League

    11 August 2004
    Any pics someone?
  11. crayon

    crayon Yamato Gaijin

    23 October 2004
    Hokkaido Japan
    Liverpool FC

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