Is the US Version really different?

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by pboreham, 2 April 2008.

  1. pboreham

    pboreham Kick. Snare. Hat. Ride.

    5 August 2002
    Southend Utd
    Weird debate on the AVF forum, some guy trying to convince me the US version is different to the Euro release.

    Surely its the same game *maybe* with the patches that were released already applied?

    4_EVER_INTER Non-League

    8 April 2008
    yeah i think just like what you said.... they said they applied the patches that were realeased on the euro version... but still graphics are PS1 style... the only thing thats keeping me playing this game is my loyalty to it and gameplay
  3. Lorde Vader

    Lorde Vader Non-League

    20 June 2006
    Hey Felas!!
    I have both Euro and US.
    They are different. I dont know how to explain everything, but:
    1) The referee doesnt stop the game every single minute
    2) The keeper is more efficient
    3) there is no slowdown during the game or replay
    4) the game is more smooth
    5) for example: There is no official Patch for the US version.

    By the way, that is my impressions. Now I will sell my Euro version.

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