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Is it possible tp play WE9 Int. (XBOX) on Box360???

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC, PS2, PSP, Wii, DS' started by synthesis, 23 June 2006.

  1. synthesis

    synthesis Non-League

    4 February 2004
    Graz, Austria
    Dear Community,

    It would be much appriciated if some of you know that?

    THX a lot!!

  2. memnon

    memnon Non-League

    9 August 2004
    PES5 is but there could be ntsc/pal issue with WE9i in Europe. WE9 works in the States
  3. i realli need someones help.all my mates have pro evo 5 on ps2 so i decided 2 go out and buy the xbox version 4 my xbox 360. i got all the updates needed and was ready 2 play. the first match started onli 4 me 2 discover that the pitch was realli fuzzy and grainy. at first i just reset my 360 but the pitch was still fuzzy.i even swapped the game at the shop where i bought it from expecting the disc to have a problem, but still even with my new disc the pitches are still fuzzy.this glitch is ruining my pro 5 expierence. please can sumbody help me get rid of the fuzzy picthes!
  4. djdoc

    djdoc Guest

    I have answered this question in the other thread you have posted mate there isnt a great deal you can do about it, I get this with my PES5 even using VGA cable or HD Component cable. try dropping your TV's Sharpness setting (if it has one) that might help a bit.

  5. luigi7

    luigi7 League 1

    16 December 2005
    Tijuana, Mexico
    West Ham United

  6. Noaxx

    Noaxx League 2

    18 October 2003
  7. jambotommy

    jambotommy Praying for the miracle..

    7 August 2004
  8. Noaxx

    Noaxx League 2

    18 October 2003
    Thanks! :)

    A little late,sorry!

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