Is it possible to use an updated OF AND an updated text_0.asf file?

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by zimon72, 6 June 2007.

  1. zimon72

    zimon72 Non-League

    5 June 2007
    Because I'm not that smart, and I'm only interested in an updated players' file (with new players/teams and updated transfers) and new/additional stadiums, I'm asking this.

    I already tried to use the superpatch file, but I had to re-install the complete game eventually. So, it is possible to use a new OF (I just downloaded and installed Milanisti's OF) and a new text_0.asf file (because I think the stadium updates are in there?) without downloading and installing all kinds of superpatches?

    For instance, can I only download one of the text_0.asf files in one of the huge patches and overwrite my current text_0 file and run my game??

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