is it just me? but i really having problem scoring? tips anyone?

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by j0n4th4n, 6 November 2007.

  1. j0n4th4n

    j0n4th4n Non-League

    16 August 2005
  2. just1moreperson

    just1moreperson League 1

    19 May 2007
    depends what team you use etc. cant say i have the same problem. my problem the past couple of weeks has been defending! but i seemed to have calmed that down abit now.

    try passing it about abit more. pass it around your defence for awhile and then hit them when u get space on the wing and then u can pass or cross it in from there depending on your strikers runs.
  3. j0n4th4n

    j0n4th4n Non-League

    16 August 2005
    thats exactly what i did , but i feel boring doing that... i want to try something different but for some reason i feel the goalkeeper its so awsome, goalkeeper can block hard ground ball
  4. jonestm

    jonestm Guest

    Blast hard shots at the keeper and snaffle up the rebound.
  5. just1moreperson

    just1moreperson League 1

    19 May 2007
    set your self up for long rangers. scored a sexy goal with spurs tonight. 29 yards post n in screamer:D
  6. soccerluver

    soccerluver Non-League

    10 May 2005
    sometimes matches end 0-0!
  7. Mark1981470

    Mark1981470 Conference

    4 May 2005
    attack down the wings cut in, play a through ball across 6 yard area for a tap in.
  8. Kaiser

    Kaiser PES Enthusiast

    3 July 2003

    Especially in the wet:lol::lol:

    Or try Ballack and pop a few at the goalkeeper from roughly 25-30 yards. Power, Accuracy, Pace Keeper has never sniffed them.

    Right Jonestm;)
  9. jasic2da

    jasic2da Non-League

    1 December 2005
    I have a lot of trouble defending. I play on top player/15min and and its been 10 games in the english league. I scored 26 goals and conceded 17. I conceded more than derby whos in last place w/ 13 goals conceded. Liverpool has 2nd highest goals scored w/ 15 goals. I was thinking about playing in 10 min game but at the end of the match, theres only 4 or 5 shots attempts on both side, which I feel dont reflect real life.
  10. just1moreperson

    just1moreperson League 1

    19 May 2007
    jasic im having the same problems. im in the english league with spurs. im top of the league ive scored the most with over 100 goals and ive conceded the most! 45 i think. in 32 games.
  11. Mark1981470

    Mark1981470 Conference

    4 May 2005
    dont go at the attackers, sit off and block the angles of runs and passes. they will eventually fuck up and give you the ball. You wont dominate possesion but you will hardly concede. As soon as you go at them or do that sprint block tackle thing they will pass you. Play it like real football, close the angles and block runs then hit them on the break. Trust me, top of the league, plenty of goals scored, 13 conceded last season.
  12. j0n4th4n

    j0n4th4n Non-League

    16 August 2005
    thanks guys, i will try it tonight see how it turn up! surely this weekend my hw is to figure out how to score goals... i dont have problem defending, preety much if you loose ball in the box, u got owned by the computer
  13. Blublub

    Blublub Conference

    17 May 2002
    Same problem - no problem generating chances, just that the keeper (any keeper, really) manages to push wide everything I throw at him. My first match on normal I outshot the CPU something like 24-1 yet only won 1-0. From there pretty much every match has been a goalless draw.
  14. valvenis

    valvenis Non-League

    27 March 2003
    forget the crosses from the wing....i am having trouble to head the goal into back of the net.
    So I just use lower cross (triple circle) instead, and hope your striker reaches faster than the CPU defenders...if yes = sure goal.
  15. soccerluver

    soccerluver Non-League

    10 May 2005
    what you can do is center high on the far post.. there have a player that heads in backwards. to the penalty stop to your amf which will easily score with a volley if you center to the first post, the defenders will get it.
  16. beddoe

    beddoe Non-League

    29 October 2007

    Through balls down the wings - Use the radar.
    From there you can cross or cut inside and pass to the strikers or AMF's and tap in.

    Position a WF out wide to make the most of this tactic if you need to.

    Don't forget the precision strike - R2 and shoot and the chip shot both work really well one on one with the keeper

    Defending: Standoff the players and use the com player pressue (square I think) to use a spare player to apply pressure. Use R2 to stand up and block crosses too. This should limit the chances the opposition get.

    One other thing - if it ain't working (either attack or defence) Change the formation!!!

    Good Luck!!
  17. Nick82

    Nick82 Non-League

    26 January 2007
    I find with shooting if you bash the :square:, you get more joy.

    Which makes me wonder, are the buttons on the control pad touch sensitive? Meaning that thwacking the button as opposed to just pressing makes a difference, even if the power bar goes to same level? ie. the initial press of the button having a bearing?
  18. v4ndiTT

    v4ndiTT Non-League

    28 October 2007
    i can't score either... i got millions of occasions every match but just can't find the net.. i'm in possesion all the time and then cpu have 1 corner and i'm beaten.. it's so fucking annoying! i play on proffesional level now, in pes6 was playing on top player and had no problems at all... i don't know what's going on...

    and the cpu... he dribbles his way to mine box so easily, and then hes one on one... i can't even dribble over one of his defenders..
    Last edited: 20 November 2007

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