Is it a joke?

Discussion in 'Football' started by metal jason, 16 February 2005.

Give the young lad a chance to play?

  1. Yes, the EPL should change the rule to protect the english player.

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  2. No. I dont think it's a problem. Win is more important than everything.

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  1. metal jason

    metal jason Guest

    Do u think if an english football club that playing in the EPL but there is NONE english player in the squad on the pitch, is it a joke?

    IMO, that's ridiculous.
  2. lostinstoke

    lostinstoke Wolves Scum

    16 January 2005
    It is a bit of a joke to be fair, But it's down to the individual clubs at the end of the day and if the supporters don't have a problem with it then fair enough. I can see how it will have a detrimental effect on our national game though if the top clubs are all made up of foreign stars.
  3. Sabac Red

    Sabac Red Premiership

    22 November 2002
    It's a joke, and when Uefa enforces the rule, then if clubs like Arsenal don't like it then they have only themselves to blame.
  4. H4wk3y3

    H4wk3y3 Guest

    I hope they require 10 British/Irish players in the team. Then Spurs would win the league!
  5. RuneEdge

    RuneEdge Silent Assassin

    1 October 2003
    Manchester United
    There isn't anything you can do about it. At the end of the day, if you want to win, you're gonna have to field your best IX. If that means no english players then thats just too bad for the EFA. What are managers supposed to do? Play a weaker english player in the team just for the sake of having to and risk losing the match?
    Instead of this new UEFA rule, they should just put a limit on foreign transfers. That would be easier to live with and it also solves the problem.
  6. Milanista

    Milanista Mangiamoli! Staff

    19 December 2002
    London & Milan
    AC Milan
    Its not like Chelsea are very British either.
  7. IceMan_Bergkamp

    IceMan_Bergkamp Total Football

    9 December 2002
    London, Toronto
    I think this a freakin joke.. UEFA throw their weight when they want to. English clubs shouldn't worry though. If UEFA fined Real Madrid for £40,000 for the ultra sur chanting, then i guess we'll get a slap on the wrist.. NOT!!!!

    If a British team wanted to improve their squads with players, just look at the inflated prices for home based players. Looking at the England players who'd be good enough to move into the an EPL first team with their real/estimated transfer values highlights the problem:

    Ferdinand - Joined Man Utd for £29m.

    Terry - Unavailable, but if Carvalho is worth £20m, he's worth between £22-25m.

    Beckham - Joined Real Madrid for £25m. (show pony)

    Gerrard - Unavailable? Estimated transfer value £30m.

    Lampard - Joined Chelsea for £11m several years ago. Not available, but current value around £25m.

    SWP - Not available? Estimated transfer value £20m.

    Rooney - Joined Man Utd for £27m.

    Owen - Joined Real Madrid for £9m.

    So, for an EPL team to improve their team - assuming they could get the players in the first place - would take a minimum investment of £9m (although in reality this is likely to be far higher). I'd love to see Arsenal move for SWP, but if Duff was worth £17m then you know that City will hold out for £20m.

    For all but the mega-rich clubs, top-quality English players are simply unaffordable. Arsenal have bought Lauren, Toure, Edu, Vieira, Ljungberg and Pires all for the same as Man Utd paid for Rooney. And while he's a tremendous talent, you can't believe another EPL team having the financial outlay for one player, when for the same price you could buy 5-6 players.

    A more interesting question is why English players are so overvalued? And if they're not overvalued, why are the England team struggling - surely with £250m of talent in the squad they should be doing better?

    Also, Milanista, Ch£l$ki have Joe Cole, Scott Parker and Glen Johnson in reserve. They also have Terry, Bridge and Lampard. A pretty British team me thinks. :D
  8. Vannizzlefashizzal

    Vannizzlefashizzal TWENTYTIMES!!!!

    31 October 2002
    the irony of this situation is that it was the FA changing the rules on clubs Academies that has made it alot more cos effective to bring in players from other countries.

    If this silly rule was abolished the top clubs would have better access to the cream of the young talent.

    As for the arsenal game, well wenger has never had faith in british players, other than the great arsenal players that he inherited, so its no suprise, but it is embarrising considering they are the current English Chanpions.

    The last team to field a side containing no enlgish players was chelsea, boxing day 99' although they had 4 young english subs on bench.

    The problem with this country is that the press are extremely xenophobic so any chance they get they will jump on the bandwagon.

    Another irony is that the managers of the top three clubs are non-english.

    Also the boss of the national team is swedish......
  9. crayon

    crayon Yamato Gaijin

    23 October 2004
    Hokkaido Japan
    Liverpool FC
    I tell you what Vann, they are nowhere near as xenophobic as over here... ;)
  10. Oli

    Oli Gooner

    1 September 2002
    Yes... yes, you are a joke. You're an *****.

    So is everyone else going on about this shit. Who cares if we didn't have an english player in the squad. If we had 1 then everything would be different. both Ashley Cole and Campbell were injured..
  11. Starsky

    Starsky Guest

    At the end of the day it's going to lower the quality of football as youngsters who aren't ready for first team action are going to be shoved into the team. I don't care if someone has already made that point, I couldn't be bothered reading this topic as I live life to the max and laugh in the face of UEFA's rules.
  12. smango

    smango Guest

    Who cares? The majority of English football fans and other fans of the EPL world wide care. It was a sad day for football in England, the fact that they had the contempt not to field an English player in the squad, shows the total lack of respect Wenger has for the EPL.
  13. DeJackal

    DeJackal Guest

    I doubt fans of the EPL worldwide would actualy give a sh1t about England, and I doubt Arsene Wenger gives a crap either since he's French afterall.

    Arsenal are a team based on foreigners for the past decade, while Manchester United have produced homegrown talent, and not just homegrown talent but local lads in Giggs, Scholes, Butt, Gary Neville, Phil Neville, and West Brown. LOCAL lads, that just tells you what a great manager Alex Ferguson is. And who's won 8 league titles and European Cup? Man United.

    Chelsea suffered from having too many foreigners in 1999. But last season they got a British foundation in Johnson, Terry, Lampard, Bridge, JCole, Parker.

    It's not just the top sides in England though, Real Madrid have Gravesen, Beckham, Owen, R.Carlos, Figo, Zidane, Ronaldo, Samuel, Solari etc, FC Barcelona have Deco, Ronaldinho, Eto'o, Larsson, Marquez, Silvinho, Belletti, Edmilson, Van Bronkhurst, Motta, Saviola. Then there's Inter with Cordoba, Zanetti, Burdisso, ZeMaria, Mihajovic, Veron, Davids, Stankovic, Emre, Farinas, Cambiasso, Karagounis, Martins, Adriano, Gonzalez, Recoba, etc

    That's the price you have to pay being one of the three top leagues in the world.

    Funny, come to think of it Real Madrid are fielding more Englishman than Arsenal. :mrgreen:
  14. ThomasGOAL

    ThomasGOAL Retired Footballer

    15 March 2003
    And Arsenal more French than Monaco :mrgreen:
  15. gunnerglory

    gunnerglory Guest

    This is so dumb and Arsenal are the ones getting picked on once again. The last English team to win the league using all Brits/Irish were Arsenal in 89. Those players went on to be even better footballers (in most cases) but Wenger came in at a time when they were thinking of retiring or leaving top level due to their age. What a load of cock, I'm 100 percent sure that if Wenger had a better player to play in any of the positions the other night it wouldn't have mattered if he was English or Saudi Arabian he'd have played him. Football is a universal game and players hould be free to play wherever they want. Their are so many factors to this but it shouldn't even have came up in the first place, probably some bored Brit tabloid with no big scoop who latched onto it and decided to kick up a storm, how many times have Arsenal been playing with just Cole or only Campbell? Where was the outrage then, have we been blind from this all this time. The foreigners that are there love the club and not only that they play spectacular football that is a joy to watch. Without them the EPL wouldn't be what it is at all and now all these brit mongs are moaning about there being "no" English players. Get a life, just because the majority of English players can't hack it when it comes to competing with their more naturally talented and technical neighbors.
  16. DeJackal

    DeJackal Guest

    Man your post is dumb, what are you exactly? An armchair American Arsenal supporter? when was the last time you went to watch a game at highbury?

    The real fans of the EPL are English fans, they come and support their team and pay their money week in week out. And there are English fans who care about their national team, aswell as English players themselves. There are loads of decent players even in the amateur leagues who never get spotted.

    English fans are well entitled to wanting English players play in their own goddam league.

    The last time English clubs dominated football was the last time the league was full of homegrown talent, Between 70s uptil the Heysel ban in 1985. So don't give me this crap about the league not being a top league without foreigners. English players have skill, Ever heard of JCole or Wright-Phillips, these can play football, Throughout English league history there have been tons of English players with loads of skill.

    Don't spout your worthless opinion of something that has nothing to do with you.
  17. gunnerglory

    gunnerglory Guest

    Just what i mean. What a moaner. If English players were good enough they'd be more of them on the teams, its as simple as that. You are the same guy who'll shout this for England and English players and then go round a few days later roaring like a lunatic at Henry or vanNistlerooy or whatever foreigner happens to be at the club of your fancy. I'm not doubting the fact that English players are extremely talented but there's good and then there's good enough, this issue shouldn't have came up cause its ********. If you don't want them you can send a few over here if you want to the MLS so I don't have to be an armchair supporter as you've figured me out to be there Sherlock.
  18. footieBalla

    footieBalla Guest

    both great points. i think basically england are suffering from the lack of englishman playing at the club level, be it the fault of the junior camps of each club, or just that the premier league needs more english based players (i am not taking sides here). however, are we ready to sacrifice one of the most, if not the most, exciting football league in the world just so that the country can benefit (albeit very little) by forcing foreign players out of the league?! i mean, england ourselves are just underachievers. we have a great strike force in the trident OR the pair in the selection of owen, rooney, defoe and i guess johnson. one of the best free kick takers (say what you wish, he still packs a good punch inside 25-35 yards out) in the world. already said by many to have the three greatest midfielders in europe in Gerrard, Lampard and recently retired Scholes.

    have i forgotten something? oh yea! how about possibly one of the most reliable back four in the world? i may not know international football as well as some of you, but have Ferdy, Sol, Gary and Ash not been consistantly starting for their countries?

    i really think the fans should get what they want, yes build some more young fresh english lads to feed into the club's first team, but never, EVER take away the foreign players who make the league one of the world's best.

    thanks for reading

  19. Oli

    Oli Gooner

    1 September 2002
  20. footieBalla

    footieBalla Guest

    haha, yea i didnt notice that, haha good eye... lmao local :lol:

  21. cfdh_edmundo

    cfdh_edmundo Maverick

    30 December 2002
    The rule works both ways, there is nothing legally stopping British players playing in other leagues in Europe. Yet for most of the 1990s the only British players to play in a European Cup Final were Waddle and Paul Lambert (A Scotsman in 97) and so far as Im aware, in the past 5 years the only Englishmen to do that have been Owen Hargreaves (2001) and Steve McManaman (2000,2002).

    Maybe if more English players had played in La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga or the French League etc over the last decade or so the national team would have done better.
  22. Fred_Gavioes

    Fred_Gavioes Brazilian showman

    19 February 2003
    agree with u there edmundo, if more englis players had played in foreign leagues, the national team would have done better, cuz u learn a lot when u are not playin a certain style of game, or one that is different than yours.
  23. DeJackal

    DeJackal Guest

    Well done, you caught me out there. :applause:

    P. Neville, G. Neville, N. Butt, P, Scholes, and WBrown were born and grew up in Manchester. Giggs was born in Wales, but he grew up in Manchester. LOCAL LADS, or then again, you never caught me out, you were wrong. :roll:
  24. DeJackal

    DeJackal Guest

    I'm not normally a moaner (until I saw your post).

    There needs to be restrictions because Premiership clubs need to be forced to produce their own talent. I hate the way football has become, clubs signing players for £20m, Chelsea spending £200 million on English/foreign players. Would Arsenal or CHelsea be near the top of the league if they actually produced their own talent? NO

    It's not because English players are not good enough, it's because the game has become money orientated. Everything is about money and quick results. Which means that clubs can't take chances like they used to. I have no problems with players like Henry, Van Nistelrooy in the Premiership because they have real quality and I'm not saying get rid of all foreigners. But there are far too many AVERAGE foreigners in the Premiership.

    It will effect Arsenal in the long run though, young prospects will want to sign for teams like Charlton, Tottenham, or even Manchester United. WHere they think they have a chance. They'll take a look at Bentley and Pennant and see their chances are really slim.
  25. Pikkon

    Pikkon Guest

    As solid as the ideals behind each side of this argument may be, you are all missing a very important factor when it comes to restricting where a professional sportsman can ply his trade, the law. Most courts around the world will uphold a challenge to such a restriction, based on trade practice law and competition legislation, especially in the UK, whose laws are actually quite similar to our own here in Oz. Cases such as Bosman have made it very difficult to enforce the kind of labour controls necessary for this sort of idea to work. Especially in the "global game".
  26. crayon

    crayon Yamato Gaijin

    23 October 2004
    Hokkaido Japan
    Liverpool FC
    Japanese law is probably the exception to that rule... ;)
  27. DeJackal

    DeJackal Guest

    What your forgetting is that football is a sport. Athletes are proffesional, but British run/jump/wrestle/box whatever for Britain, and the French for France, and Germans for Germany etc. But that is employement.

    When the EU consideres UEFA proposals they should consider football as a sport and not as some form of employement. But the EU won't because they want to discourage local pride and want togetherness. Of course most of them hight up in the EU want a future army, and be a superpower, and the EU to be a country like the USA. So if whatever clubs make this a legal matter then they're already won.

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