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Is Henrik Larsson anywhere in the game?

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by Sparky5150, 12 January 2007.

  1. Sparky5150

    Sparky5150 Non-League

    5 October 2006
    Aside from the Premiership, I have yet to edit all the team names to make them the genuine ones but from what I can see Helsinborgs(the club he is on loan from) aren't in there. If he isn't in there and some of you have manually created him - what ratings have you given him? :)
  2. Neil K

    Neil K League 1

    16 December 2005
    He should be in the Sweden national team.
  3. johnj201

    johnj201 League 2

    6 August 2005
    He is in the Sweden squad as Neil K says,but why are you editing all the teams.
    Why not just download an option file from the download section and let someone else do all the hard work mate.
  4. bigfraz

    bigfraz Non-League

    29 October 2006
    its a sad day (im admitting this as a Rangers fan) that people Have to ask about Henrik Larson, if you are new to the game of football its fair enough, and as many english Fans will get to see just How good a signing He realy is, and he was just as good if not better @ Celtic, and we had to try keeping him quiet for years, He is a Legend that has it all!
  5. Sparky5150

    Sparky5150 Non-League

    5 October 2006
    Just after I started this thread I found him there :roll: :mrgreen:
  6. Sparky5150

    Sparky5150 Non-League

    5 October 2006
    I've never downloaded any files for both PES5 and now PES6 - the kit ones and such seem to sometimes cause problems for people from what I've read and I'm kinda lazy :roll: :mrgreen: But yet I am prepared to edit a load of teams.........quite a contradiction there - I'll take a look at the downloads :)
  7. johnj201

    johnj201 League 2

    6 August 2005
    Personally,i use the Revolution option file. It has all the Bundesliga and Champions League teams in.
    But there are a lot of good ones,not all are perfect but it's better than starting from scratch.

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