Intel Core i7 2600k overclocks to 4.7Ghz!!!

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by gamingaccess, 22 December 2010.

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    YouTube - Intel Core i7 2600k overclocks to 4.7Ghz!!!

    Intel Sandy Bridge promises to deliver GPU quality graphics included in the CPU. However, these graphics are not going to compete directly with mid-range or high-range GPUs, but they will finally allow Intel (which quite honestly, sucks) to enter the graphic market. Finally, laptop users won't have crappy graphic and everyone should have at least decent graphic out of the box.<br />

    After 15 years, finally I can consider this question "Do you have a graphics card?" a thing of the past. CPU should include a decent GPU right out of the box, and gamers will continue to buy their fancy Nvidia or ATI mid-range and high-end products, or even combine them in CrossFireX, SLI, or even Mix+Match using Hydra.<br />

    The Chinese website has published a review that shows that there is little to no benefit in Intel Sandy Bridge if you compare the famous Intel Core i7 875k with the new Intel Core i7 2600k

    However, they were able to reach 4.7Ghz, so I don't see why they are so disappointed with Intel. Anyway, here is what they had to say about the new Intel Core i7 2600k

    As far as overclocking is concerned, the Core i7 2600K processor reached a not so impressive 4.7GHz which is a disappointment amongst overclockers since they were the only one who's gonna pay for this CPU.
    After all, if it is to overclock, one have to buy a top of the K series of products, or high-end Z68 board, no matter which way, the cost will be expensive $410 for CPU only) and a lot of players usually might find it unaffordable.
    If you still want to overclock to get through the balance of performance and price, it may fit nicely that Sandy Bridge is not your choice, direct purchase of existing processors LGA 1156 interface is like, after all, strictly speaking, performance is not much change. Although turbo boost 2.0 will provide better performance and better savings compared to the older generation.
    From this perspective, for those who have purchased the LGA 1156 processors, consumers, the interface is also a good thing, because you do not need too envious of the new Sandy Bridge, away reluctantly buy a new motherboard and new processor upgrades.
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    I have absolutely no idea what you have just said. :CONFUSE:
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