Importing a decent Aberdeen FC crest

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by hangar18, 23 January 2009.

  1. hangar18

    hangar18 Non-League

    28 November 2007
    Hi All,
    I cannot for the life of me find a decent sized, high res Aberdeen badge/crest to import to PES09. They are all about 200x200 pixels and with crappy resolution. I suspect it needs to be at least 400x400 to be of suitable quality when importing to PES. Can anyone help?

    ps. I have paint shop pro and can easily edit the background if need be but need a high res image to start with.

  2. soulman81

    soulman81 Conference

    23 July 2006
    guess that shows how many people care about aberdeen.
  3. hangar18

    hangar18 Non-League

    28 November 2007
    Zerovector: Thanks a million!
  4. gigimarulla

    gigimarulla Serie C1

    6 June 2006
    Cosenza 1914
    if you want chants too for aberdeen check my thread in editing forum ;)
  5. hangar18

    hangar18 Non-League

    28 November 2007
    @gigimarulla: wow, thanks will definitely check it out!
  6. liverpoolscot

    liverpoolscot League 2

    21 July 2007
    Mate if your looking for an SPL Patch there is one that should come out in a while from the Dragons Team. It includes all of the SPL clubs in others A and B. It doesn't come with an option file or kits but it might help you out. I think that you should be able to find SPL club kits around... I don't know if that helps give me a shout if you want more info...

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