I need to download British patch from somewhere other than filefront

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by Colm, 11 August 2005.

  1. Colm

    Colm Guest

    I try to download the british patch that has all 92 english teams from fielfront but I have slow 56k internet speed so it will take like 10 hours to download, but with filefront when my downloads lose connection I cant resume them from where I last was so I have to start at the beggining again, so can someone tell me where else I can download the british patch or attach a file here or something please?
  2. eqfreak

    eqfreak Guest

    I will try to help you, but can you post the link for the british patch?
    There are programs (hmm get right i think is one?) that you run while d/l a big file so if you lose connection or whatever, you can resume the d/l from where it was stopped, instead of starting from 0%.
    I think your best bet,since you are dial-up, would to either d/l them while you sleep, or work, school, whatever if they're big... or beg a friend or whatever with a fast connection to d/l them or burn a bunch of stuff for you onto a disc.
    Filefront doesn't like me either for some reason.
  3. Colm

    Colm Guest

    ok the link for the British patch is:
    about halfway down the page someone posted permenent filefront links but I cant get any of those links

    I have GetRight, but the problem is Filefront doesnt support resuming, so even GetRight cant let me resume the file it just starts it again or gets an error.
    I've tried downloading them overnight, but it allways is starting from the beggining again so I never get anywhere. and none of my friends have fast connections cuz our town isnt getting broadband until summer 2006 so none of my friends have any faster speeds than what I have
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