I need original KONAMI Ballpack

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by damianos18, 29 June 2006.

  1. damianos18

    damianos18 Non-League

    28 June 2006
    hi!!! I need ballpack from original 0_text.afs file. I haven't dvd with PES5 :( can someone export files from unknow_0000.bin to unknow_0015.bin and send to rapidshare??? I will be thankful!

    PS. File 0_text.afs must be not patched!
  2. deftonesmx17

    deftonesmx17 100% Werder!

    13 July 2005
    United States of Arrogance
    Werder Bremen
    If you can come up with a good logical reason as to why you no longer have the DVD but are still playing the game, I might send them to you.

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