i just played J-league winning eleven 2000!

Discussion in 'Winning Eleven' started by manutd12, 21 June 2005.

  1. manutd12

    manutd12 Guest

    i was at a friend's house, and we started playing j-league winning eleven 2000 on the emulator. Although the graphics suck really bad this game is really good! i couldn't believe it. It's still enjoyable, i had forgotten how it was like, but it's almost like PES3 without some improvements (PES4 feels like a totally different game)
  2. filthydani

    filthydani Guest

  3. mattster12

    mattster12 All-round Bastard

    11 April 2005

    Get this man a GOLD medal :lol:
  4. omarcas

    omarcas League 1

    19 March 2003
    welcome to Winning Eleven World....even if u are some years in retard...
  5. manutd12

    manutd12 Guest

    i wasn't expecting people to slate me, but anyways, my point was, that even an old 2000 Winning eleven game is still enjoyable
  6. PESV

    PESV League 1

    28 April 2002
    u sure catched them in a bad mood.
  7. d1matman

    d1matman Aussie "Football"

    4 January 2003
    Nova Scotia, Canada
    He must have caught the late bus from FIFA Town. We've been waiting here all day.
  8. Toku

    Toku Guest

    Welcome FIFA gamer :lmao:

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