I have released a version of my tweaked gameplay OF for the PS2

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by Chimps-with-quiffs, 20 November 2006.

  1. I had wanted to make a PS2 version of my tweaked gameplay OF, but as I do not have the game for PS2, I had intended making changes to a PC OF and getting it to play the way my existing OF does and documenting the changes made, then applying to the PS2 OF.

    But I think I may have been able to import the players and teams into the PS2 OF without needing to do this.

    Can someone have a go of it and see if it works, there is a link in the download section.

    For those who are not aware of what my tweaked gameplay OF does -

    Changes include -

    Better more intelligent attacking from the computer controlled team

    More realistic dribbling, slower and less often used. You can still dribble, but you have to get it right. In PES6 I felt with some players it was harder to lose the ball than go past defenders even when running straight at them.

    Slightly changed shooting. Less shots spooned over the bar and reduced shots hit at unbelievable speeds

    Slower acceleration of players making it feel more realistic. If you get past player and your player is quicker, he will stay ahead of him though.

    Slightly slower passing that my previous OF's, but still some way quicker and more accurate than the default released konami OF.

    Increased defensive AI, mentality and response from defenders. Far less players left in space or not closed down.

    Better more intelligent keepers
  2. virtual_man2

    virtual_man2 Non-League

    23 June 2005
    i'll try it..... and i will report to you asap
  3. I will try this when I get in
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  4. Can either of you's post how the game plays

    I am not sure I imported the stat changes correctly, OF may work witg correct teams and strips ect, but may not include the stat changes.

    If they are in, they will stick out a mile as the game plays much different.

    If there not the will play as normal, if this is the case I will correct it
  5. ehikeda

    ehikeda SÃO PAULO F.C.

    25 October 2006
    São Paulo (Brazil)
    Chimps, I've tried your OF and I might say that its a great work, congratulations!!!

    But after a few games I started to feel the game a bit easy again (Playing ML in Top Player and Very Hard), specially because of the CPU team performance that have a lot of difficulty to score a goal (I always play with 3 CBs), so a I started to win the games with 1:0 most of the times...

    I could check in the changes you've made in the players stats that you didn't make any change in the "TEAMWORK".

    So, based in your OF and using the PESFan Editor, I increased the "TEAMWORK" of all players (by 5 points) and the result were great. The CPU team started attack with much more consistency, mixing side plays with centre plays depending the way I positioned my defense (with 4 or 3 defenders).

    That's only a suggestion to improve your work...

    Cheers mate!!!
  6. Did it play noticeably different though?, I am unsure if my stat changes went in it. Teamwork probably isn't the stat to check as I never changed that in any OF.

    The passing should faster and dribbling should be more difficult. Those are the two most visible changes, the rest of the changes are all of only 1 or 2%.

    All players should have higher defence attributes and the goal keepers will have slightly higher goal keeping and response. Balance and technique, should also be slightly higher for all players.
  7. ehikeda

    ehikeda SÃO PAULO F.C.

    25 October 2006
    São Paulo (Brazil)
    I'm sure about it mate...

    As you never changed it in any OF, I think you should try...you will certainly feel the difference...

    The rest of the changes you've made are perfect...but the CPU team is attacking too previsible...if you set formation with 3 CBs and set the agressive manmark in both CFs (most of the teams have 2 CFs) with one CB covering, the CPU tem will have a lot of difficulty to score...

    Now, the CPU team started to use its SBs and CMs and more frequently...I can't set the agressive manmark anymore, because the CPU team will take the free spaces to attack with its SBs and CMs...

    It is much more realistic...

  8. SandTheMan

    SandTheMan League 2

    20 March 2003
    Great work Chimps. With your OF, Pro Evo 6 plays a lot better. The dribbling is better and more realistic.
    The balance of the game is good, now you can play some great offensive football AND it is possible to defend as well.

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