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Discussion in 'Winning Eleven' started by thommohawk, 18 July 2008.

  1. thommohawk

    thommohawk Conference

    3 September 2006
    Okay guys I've been wondering about this, many people say Winning Eleven 9 Liveware Evolution was the best football game that Konami ever produced...however it was only released in Korea....now the question I have is this, is World Soccer Winning Eleven 9 - basically the North American English language version of Winning Eleven 9 is it the exact same game as WE9 Liveware Evolution but only in English language ? Or are there subtle differences in the Korean version hence making that one the best.

    Anybody who has played or preferably who has owned both games if you could let me know I would be ever so grateful.

    Thanks alot.
  2. Dar

    Dar Part Timer Staff

    21 February 2003
    The North American version will be mostly like the Pro Evolution Soccer that preceded it.

    The Korean Liveware Evolution would have come out after both of them, think this came out in Feb 06 compared to late 05 releases for WE9 and PES5 and would have had the subtle differences included that people would have thought made it a better game.

    Even though North American release may have come after Feb 06, the game it derives from is PES5 and not WE9:LE(K).

    If my memory serves me correctly that is. :D
  3. thommohawk

    thommohawk Conference

    3 September 2006
    Thank you for taking the time to reply I appreciate it, however it's about a week or two too late since I have been happily appreciating and at the same time depressing myself over how awesome WE9LE is both on it's own merits and by direct comparison to recent PES incarnations and I have to say the difference between WE9LE and PES5 or any other PES for that matter for me is instantly noticable in the first match since it plays much smoother and feels much more responsive....that is the most accurate description of the differences and yet it's something that has to be experienced and played in order to fully understand what we mean when we say it. Suffice it to say it is head and shoulders above any PES game I have ever played and is the apex of Konami's soccer series and unfortunately really highlights just how far backwards the franchise has gone on it's roots in the last few years culminating in Trash2008 AKA PES2008.
  4. gurjisfit

    gurjisfit League 2

    11 November 2003

    i actually love we9 j-league asia - think it's slower and a better tempo
  5. thommohawk

    thommohawk Conference

    3 September 2006
    I wouldn't know I haven't played WE9JLeague.....or any J League game to be honest.

    Honestly being English and having been brought up on nothing but the Premiership I have to say I much prefer my football to be faster paced yet highly responsive.

    I have heard that we9jleague is apparently better that the liveware evolution equivalent...but in what ways exactly is it better ? and how is it different ?

  6. liv21

    liv21 Non-League

    4 April 2006
    I can't speak for WE9JLeague, but I imported JLeague 2007 Club Championship last year and it was by far the best of any of the games they make. I live in the States and I have WE6(US), WE7(US), WE8(US), WE9(US), WE10(JP), PES6(UK), WEPES2007(US), JLeague 2007 (JP) and both PES 2008 US and UK. J-League has the tightest controls and responsiveness of all of the titles. It also has a great pace, much more controlled and less ping pong like. But the poster above you is correct in saying that the US releases are much more similar to the Euro releases, but the US ones are different as well. It seems such a waste of time for Konami to make all of these different versions for these different regions. I know people say they can make more money but they could also make more money just releasing the same exact game with the different names. No need to make actually waste time on the basic same version of the game. They should concentrate on making one kickass version and save their time and money.
  7. gurjisfit

    gurjisfit League 2

    11 November 2003

    where'd you get your we9le from? looking to pick it up myself...
  8. iluvnineties

    iluvnineties Banned

    18 April 2008
    Boston, Massachusetts, USA
    FC Porto
    Check out www.play-asia.com or EBay!
  9. Houldey

    Houldey League 1

    11 July 2006
    Is we9le available on PC. If i get it on PS2, will it work on my UK PS2 without swap magic or some such thing? Is the PS2 version the best? Does the ref. blow less fouls than in PES5 (the EU equivalent)?
  10. frontier2002

    frontier2002 Non-League

    30 October 2008
    If you say winning 9 is the best and finding hard time looking for it. I suggest winning eleven 10. In terms of speed, pace, realistic playing, and individual skills of special players in my opinion it is the best damn all winning eleven. But it depends on how willing you are to adapt to a new situation.
  11. Retri

    Retri Banned

    18 August 2008
    Torino, Italy | Amsterdam, NL
    M Urawa FC Red Diamonds
    J.League Winning Eleven 9 Asia Championships was slightly better than LE (K), 2008 CC however is better than both;

    the latest version is actually extremely similar to 9 AC gameplay-wise except that in this new iteration of the franchise long and through balls are completely under the player's control, the ball physics and the routines which control players contacts and colissions with the ball have improved quite a bit and the player's characterization is much better (at least for what concerns the J.League players) at the expenses of the environment (aka shitty un-animated spectators made of embarassingly low-res textures literally smeared on the box seats which becomes pretty evident in places where there isn't a track course to push the stands away from the player's view like Kashiwa and Yamaha stadium and so forth).

    This dude has uploaded a truckload of JWE2008CC videos during the past few months, take a look at his YouTube channel if you're still doubtful:


    Actually, I've just realized I can just post the videos themselves however I suggest to watch them in high quality directly on the website:

    YouTube - JWE2008CC - 2008.09.25(1)
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