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i cant get onto one flippin game on live!!

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC, PS2, PSP, Wii, DS' started by clintonsparks, 11 November 2006.

  1. i really want to play over live but every single game i try to join it says 'waiting for reply' for ages and then says something like game has ended cannot be found etc. :shock:
    ive been trying for ages but its the same with every game i try and join.
    can anyone help?!
  2. Willows

    Willows Non-League

    21 October 2006
    same here mate, can't get an opponent whatever i do!
    Sent a message to someone asking for a game got no reply, first day of having a 360 so don't know if i'm doing something wrong
  3. Willows

    Willows Non-League

    21 October 2006
    what's your game tag and i'll try find you for a game
  4. my gamertag is roberrt but i have another problem about signing in currently im hoping for a reply on soon so add me an next time im on invite me and well see what hapens
  5. oooo i just read the sticky thread about gamertags and that says there are problems with live but it works when you invite a friend, so i suppose thats my problem solved sorry for wasting anyones time.
  6. Willows

    Willows Non-League

    21 October 2006
    roberrt meant to be double r? Mines Nik Willows so add me too and do the same. Doing my napper in!
  7. yer roberrt double r lol kk

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