I cannot score in BAL (Be A Legend) PES 2017

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by oSoulix, 5 May 2017.

  1. oSoulix

    oSoulix Non-League

    5 May 2017
    So in my striker (goal poacher) career so far I have played about 35 matches and I have scored a measly 3 goals. Can someone help me find out what Im doing wrong? I have my setting on Superstar because Professional made the teammates super lousy, and yet I still am not getting good balls through or onto me. Yes, I do pass often, and look to bring others into play as well, but my wingers and mids dont do much good and Im getting sick and tired of find a way to get them to. This isnt just the case with club football, international football is the same. I have played for Hull, AC Ajaccio and Norwich, and none are getting me the goals I crave.

    TL;DR: Im having trouble scoring and think that Im doing something wrong. Help me pls.
  2. sonoman

    sonoman Premiership

    13 November 2003
    Mexico / Türkiye
    wow sucks to hear that, probably you play too far away up front.
    i started a superstar campaign in the Chilean league as a CMF (hole player), and on my first match I scored 2 and assisted 1, i thought it was a bit easy.. probably has to do with the league you start in. Its not the same to play against Chelsea as Hull than playing a low level Chilean side with another.

    PS. i think i should have a lot more assists but the strikers in my team are such donkeys, they'll either run into the GK or kick it wide :/

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