How to Use a Playstation 3 Controller in 64 bit Windows 7 ?

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC, PS2, PSP, Wii, DS' started by Backspace, 21 August 2011.

  1. Backspace

    Backspace International

    4 May 2010
    I Need Install Drivers or Additional Programs Before Use It ?

    Please Teach Me Step by Step [USB Cable & Wireless Mode]
  2. mbembe

    mbembe Non-League

    23 November 2006
  3. tc811

    tc811 Resident Evo-Web Retard

    9 January 2008
    United States
    Arsenal FC
    For wireless you'll need a compatible bluetooth adapter.
  4. no bread

    no bread Wellington Phoenix!

    1 April 2007
    Wellington, New Zealand
    Tottenham Hotspur
    Which should also be on the motioninjoy website. I ordered a couple. They work well.

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