How to score goals on WE10...

Discussion in 'Winning Eleven' started by Androctonvs, 26 April 2006.

  1. Androctonvs

    Androctonvs Discovered The FK Bug

    30 November 2003
    SL Benfica

    From 2 days playing experience.
    First, make long passes from your midfielders to your strikers to put them one on one with the keeper. Believe me, it's just as easy as it was back in PES4.

    After that, simply place the ball over the keeper with shot+r1. It's way easier than it was back on PES5. You can do it from a longer distance and still dummy the keeper.
    You can always fake your shot like in every PES/WE to score.

    Your experience?
  2. Zygalski

    Zygalski Ninja Samurai

    2 February 2003
    London, UK
    Easy as PES4?
    PES4 was the game that created the "cut-back" goal.

    You mean "easy as PES2" ;)
  3. RGEE1979

    RGEE1979 Evo-Webber since 2002

    28 December 2002
    Seems the keepers are more easily rounded in this version. They come further out in 1 on 1 situations and its pretty easy to take it wide and slot it away.
  4. benjo

    benjo Guest

    Simply press square button !

    Please read the Manual before posting.
  5. lexsteele

    lexsteele Non-League

    3 February 2006
    lol well said:lol:
  6. ruffneckc

    ruffneckc Salad Yute!

    27 April 2003
    New York
    Arsenal FC
    classic! lol
  7. aaarrrggh

    aaarrrggh League 2

    20 March 2005
    I've had a few probs with players shooting really high when I've only just tapped square though. In a game I played recently, I managed to round the keeper nicely and only tapped square, yet my player blasted it well over the bar. A bit frustrating. Also, shooting from outside the box seems to result in shots that go over a lot too.

    Anyone else experienced similar things?
  8. evilgnome

    evilgnome Guest

    Thats one thing I really dislike about this game.

    In some ways its improved, but in some ways its not.

    It way to easy to score now, keepers are dumbed down, and the whole game is a tad arcade like. Dont get me wrong I really love it and Ill probably wont go back to WE9, but I guess I have to wait till the next version for a more accurate football sim.
  9. martd

    martd League 2

    10 June 2002
    Lymington, UK
    Yeah, i get exactly the same thing. Dunno why though.

    Anyone shed some light??????????????????
  10. Domnus

    Domnus Non-League

    3 August 2003

    I think when you r marked marked or in awkward position to shoot, it seems really difficult to shoot therefore the ball just fly over the bar

    Possibly a player with better shoot technique can do it better, but i have to
    do more research (play a lot :) ) to see if that is the case
  11. iceobar

    iceobar Tyneside Amateur League

    3 September 2003
    Phoenix - unfortantely
    Watford FC
    i'll tell you how to score goals on WE10, its simple, you get the ball and put it in the net
  12. BK_83

    BK_83 World Class

    7 June 2003
    try to lure cpu into fouling u in the penalty box... den u can score from the penalty.. no sweat
  13. aaarrrggh

    aaarrrggh League 2

    20 March 2005
    Damn, I tried this but it just keeps saying 'handball'.

    Any other advice?
  14. Buscapeh

    Buscapeh Guest

    that´s something i had noticed. In WE9 i could hardly do it (the lob) but now it´s a lot easier. I noticed also that if u shoot from short distance the keeper almost never grabs the ball and stops it with the legs and the striker has the chance to score.
  15. leet_haxor

    leet_haxor Guest

    :lol: :lol: :lol:
    :applause: :applause::applause:
  16. joehax

    joehax Serie A

    18 August 2004
    cross and shoot from angles seems to work for me

    having 3 strikers and having someone finsh off any parries by they keeper also works well

    they obviously had to make shooting more difficult than PES5 due to the ease of getting inside the box now
  17. Redman X

    Redman X Guest

    Yeh I hate that; normally on WE9 i play 30 minutes with my friend and the scores are like 4-3, 3-2, 3-3, 2-1............but then we play 15 minutes on WE10 and we drew 6-6. This game is too easy to get through the defence and score pass the keeper who hardly grabs/catches the ball; there i sno need for tricks to be honest (not that I don't like the game of course).;)

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