how to keep defensive+ attacking levels constant

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  1. twong

    twong Guest

    Hi Guys

    in need of some help here, i know how to change my team to attacking and defensive

    (hold L2 + hit R1)

    but how the hell do i set the formation so that i can set all my defence to be defensive, and set all my strikers to attacking?? so that it stays like it all the way through the game? In other words i want to be able to set each individual players attcking/defensive levels

    anyone got any ideas as this is driving me mad!

    thanks in advance
  2. Coopz

    Coopz Retired Footballer

    27 April 2002
    set to manual not semi-auto or auto
  3. FyNoMeNoN

    FyNoMeNoN League 2

    3 July 2006
    I know tha exact right way.. and i'm glad that i can help u.. ok.. wat u should is.. in formation settings.. click on individual then each player u click on u can set his defensive level to 'low' or 'normal' or 'high'.. this is a very important issue as i do it in every game.. from tha very important aspects of tha formation
  4. twong

    twong Guest


    i have just done what you guys said, i have set it to "manual"

    and then gone into each individual player and set them to "defend" high and low

    I have set all my defenders to "defend" high and then all my strikers to "defend" low.

    Is this all i need to do? as when i go into the game, the bar on the bottom of screen should be constantly on red for the strikers and constantly on blue for the defenders shouldent it?

    this is not the case as when i go into the game, most of the players are still on green constant??

    thanks in advance
  5. tom10

    tom10 League 2

    26 December 2004

    I think there's some misundertanding here.. Maybe your looking at "stamina gauge"??? witch most of the time is green. The small square is however the "Attack/Defence Mindness" the redder it is the more attacking the whole team will be, and vice versa for the blue.. But the individual defence setting, and attacking attribute also come into consideration...
  6. twong

    twong Guest

    hi mate

    thanks for your reply. Yep i am talking about the "attack/defence mindness", i can only seem to set the whole team as red or the whole team as blue!

    when i was online the opposition took ages to sort his formations out then i noticed all his defenders was constantly on blue, where as all the midfielders and strikers were constantly on red all the way through the game. There must be a way of setting each individuals "attack/defence mindness" the same as the guy i was playing??
  7. tom10

    tom10 League 2

    26 December 2004

    I'm afraid not, I'm quite sure your opponent had chosen "manual" in the attack/defence setting, and when his defending and not in possesion of the ball, he's sets the "a/d mindness" on blue i.e. all are defending (with the individual defence setting in mind), and when he get possesion of the ball, he manually swithces to red, and all of his player will be attacking. Of course defenders with high defending value and a CB or DMF role will not attack as much because of those settings. But the essence is that there's no way to set "attack/defence mindness" on a individual player...

    So to you it would look like defenders are on blue and attackers are on red, maybe that's the case???
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