How to fix Input Lag in PES 2017 PC ?

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by buonnguqua, 8 November 2016.

  1. buonnguqua

    buonnguqua Non-League

    27 September 2007
    I don't have Gsync or Freesync Monitor
    In PES 2015, 2016, I only use playing at Windows Mode to fix delay input easily
    But playing PES 2017 in Windows Mode drop frame so crazy :CONFUSE:
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  2. Topaz

    Topaz Programmer/TheAwesomeGem

    21 October 2011
    United States
    Chelsea, Spain
    Are you playing Master League? It's probably due to that. On some matches, it reduces the response times for some odd reason. Exist more in PC than in PS4.
  3. buonnguqua

    buonnguqua Non-League

    27 September 2007
    No, I only play Exbihition Match PvP with my friends
    Fullscreen always delay input in Fullscreen Mode, only Windows Mode can fix it,
    but in 2017 version, Windows Mode usually drop frames :BORED:
  4. Topaz

    Topaz Programmer/TheAwesomeGem

    21 October 2011
    United States
    Chelsea, Spain
    Yes, disabling vsync disables input lag, but the screen gets choppy.
  5. Michele67

    Michele67 League 2

    19 February 2014
    Around the world
    FC Juventus
    just try to set high priority on pes 2017 will flow like a charm
  6. flokiman

    flokiman League 1

    12 January 2012
    Play in windowed mode. It resolves the lag.
    I have made a thesis on it, counting miliseconds with a fast-shutter camera.
    Playing in windowed mode reduces lag up to 50%.
  7. topek

    topek Non-League

    17 November 2014
    dont think so...
    its only one way... vsync off and monitor 120 or 144 hz
    thats all
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  8. Woodzy

    Woodzy League 1

    1 September 2004
    South Wales
    Manchester United
    Really battling input lag atm. I probably wouldn't notice if I didn't previously own the PS4 version, but unfortunately it's a little too irritating.

    I think using Direct Input helps but unfortunately LT and RT can't be pressed together, which is needed for player switching while sprinting using my config.

    Other than that, I'm playing windowed mode (with borderless), 60fps, vsync is on currently. It off doesn't seem to have an affect.
  9. topek

    topek Non-League

    17 November 2014
    Direct Input not help with input lag just cant ;)

    "at the moment best solution for input lag and smooth game in games (based on test from is sync on + frame render 1 + set fps 58 or 59 (monitor 60hz)
    or ofc monitor 120 hz / 144 hz + sync off"
    or sync off & cap fps 58 to 61 is good too
    and i think cap fps recommended wihtout graphics card..for example use program dxtory
    Last edited: 9 December 2016
  10. Sami 1999

    Sami 1999 Noob

    28 June 2015
    Hey, Vsync at 60hz with 59fps and 1 pre rendered frames help remoce the lag. But causes micro stutters.

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