How to find users and delete them from server?

Discussion in 'Online PES gaming' started by BloodDonor89, 5 May 2016.

  1. BloodDonor89

    BloodDonor89 Non-League

    28 June 2012
    Hello i create a server with fiveserver only for my country and friends! How i can delete some users? And edit registered member?
  2. Ahg37

    Ahg37 PES6 FOREVER!

    27 December 2012
    I'm moderator on PES6stars server.
    We are using fiveserver. Because there is only one system for play PES6 online to forever. But fiveserver sux. And our admin not prof on coding. But we using phpmyadmin for delete users and change names. You can't change serials and you can't see password. But you can change and delete user name and profile names. You need phpmyadmin for that.

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