How to edit stadium banners, waving flags, smoke (PC)

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by Gianlucal3500, 22 March 2019.

  1. Gianlucal3500

    Gianlucal3500 Non-League

    11 March 2019
    Genoa CFC 1893
    Hi guys

    I am new to the forum and first of all I hope to have posted my post in the right section, if not please excuse me.

    First, thanks to all of you spending time to improve PES in all its components!

    I would like in the future to modify to the game for the PC version, specifically with regard to the choreographic part.

    I would like to start by customizing the stadiums in the game by replacing the default banners by importing them from templates, as in previous versions with the Game graphic Studio.

    I would also like to mix the graphic effects on the stands at the entrance of the teams of a particular stadium (for example the waving and the number of flags of the Veltins Arena) with those of another (for example the smoke from the South American stadiums).

    Is there a tutorial or someone who knows where these elements are in the various .cpk files and how to modify them?

    Specifically I would like:

    -to assign a certain number of large/small flags to a certain stage and their arrangement

    -to include a certain number of smoke generators and their arrangement in each home game

    -Insert new elements like the vertical banners in Argentina for a certain stadium (for example for the Brazilian ones, like only River and Boca have), but in this case I suppose I need Blender (right?)

    It would be wonderful to understand exactly how to find these files and understanding how to eventually modify the parameters!

    Thank you!
  2. ChelseaBlues

    ChelseaBlues League 1

    1 November 2017
    Ciao Luca, I think you are Italian... There are a few helpful modders in here; there's a guy called Hawke, Juce... They could guide you overall with tutorials...

    And if you are talking about Serie A then Ando12345 could also guide you... I am collaborating with him...

    Forza Calcio!
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  3. Gianlucal3500

    Gianlucal3500 Non-League

    11 March 2019
    Genoa CFC 1893

    thanx a lot for replying!! Yes, I´m italian, that´s why it would be great to have this mod option :-)

    C´mon Blues!!!
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  4. Andò12345

    Andò12345 League 1

    10 October 2018
    For creating a choreo you have to open the stadium in blender, select the 2d texture and adapt to it the choreo according to the chairs and stadium corners and after export it in png, create 5 copy of this called au_choreo1 - au_choreo2 au_choreo3 - au_choreo4 - au_choreo5 and put them in content/stadium-server/STADIUMX Pack/Asset/model/bg/st0xx/audi/sourceimages. (I never used Blender so I don’t know many things but this should be the base procedure)

    For smoke look here:

    For stadium banners look in stadium files and adapt the banners texture at the banners that you want
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  5. Gianlucal3500

    Gianlucal3500 Non-League

    11 March 2019
    Genoa CFC 1893
    Hey Andó,

    grazie mille!!!!! Sei un grande!!!!!
  6. Gianlucal3500

    Gianlucal3500 Non-League

    11 March 2019
    Genoa CFC 1893
    Do you know where I can find the banners and why they do not appear always, especially on the created stadiums?
    Because I would like to work on three differents levels:

    First level having personalized/modified banners linked to every teams (and not to the stadium)

    Second level assigning to a stadium a determined flags area (depending on the crowd supposed to occupy the ground, for example my dreams is to have the same flags effect like in the Veltins Arena in the most of the italian stadiums)

    Third level (thanks to your link) activating or not smoke.

    I think that in this way we could all have a 100% personalized PES :-)

    Thanks a lot for your precious help!
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