How to do ronaldo chop / cross over turn?

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC, PS2, PSP, Wii, DS' started by pocs, 22 October 2010.

  1. pocs

    pocs Non-League

    20 September 2010
    Hi - im playing pes 2011 on the pc - with wireless xbox 360 controllers. Ive been playing around trying to learn some of the tricks - and ive noticed that I cant consistently pull off the cross over turn (trying with messi).

    I understand that you hold down L2, then push down with the right stick then left stick (or up) - sometimes this seems to work, other times nothing happens.

    'Am I doing it wrong' - or is maybe there some other problem?

    Thanks for any advice / tips
  2. MuD

    MuD Conference

    19 July 2005
    CS Emelec / Arsenal FC
    you have to do it fast. i also prefer to play with the pad, it's easier to do tricks with it.
  3. JoyKillah

    JoyKillah Non-League

    26 December 2008
    the thing with the L2+RS -> LS kind of tricks is to still have the L2+RS pressed when flicking the LS.
    It's not so much about doing it fast.

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