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How to create/edit players to have skill moves??

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by Labfm1, 24 May 2008.

  1. Labfm1

    Labfm1 Non-League

    1 July 2003
    don't know if I described it correct, but here goes....

    you know players like messi, ronaldinho, c.ronaldo, zlatan, joe cole can makes turns and cuts differently to "normal" players.....
    like everytime you change direction, instead of a normal turn, they do a fancy cut instead....

    does anyone know if it is possible to edit/create a player to have those special cuts and turns??
    if so, how?

  2. tinsma

    tinsma Portugal

    1 February 2005
    Portugal / England
    check out the PRO EVO EDITOR V0.2.1 it's not stable, but it does that!

    you might want to try the previous version to see if they can do it too, because the previous versions are more stable the the 0.2.1

    hope it helped

  3. chico

    chico The Peoples Poster!

    5 December 2006
    Belfast, Ireland.
    EFC - The Peoples Club

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