How to apply new custom faces with 3d models into PES 2008

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by triplea007, 4 November 2007.

  1. triplea007

    triplea007 Non-League

    25 March 2006
    Hi all...

    I've made a new custom face by editing the face of "Aguero" (argentina) just to know where the new face would land. I exported the bin file from the game with GGS, then opened used the PES to Oedit Converter to open it in Oedit and edit the 3d model. I made the new skin with photoshop. It all works good, the eyes are transparent, everything is right where it should be on the 3d model when you preview it with texture in Oedit. I save it, and use the Oedit to PES converter to make a new bin file to import into the game with Game Graphic Studio.

    Everything ok so far...

    I open PES and pull up Aguero to see how the new model/face looks... what do I see? I see my new edited texture applied over the 3D model of Aguero, as opposed to the new 3D model I had edited and saved into the new BIN file. Therefore, everything is off place.

    1. I have an Oedit file of my new face model...
    2. I have the BMP ready with alpha mask and everything fits nice on the model when I apply the texture in oedit...

    So, in theory, all I should do is hit SAVE in Oedit and use the POC 2008 to turn that from Oedit to PES and make a new bin file with the new model and the texture.

    Also in theory, I should be able to replace ANY player's bin with the new one, and the face AND the model should be applied so that not only the skin, but the face model itself changes.

    But nope... only the skin uploads. Not the 3d model.

    So, in OEDIT, the new 3D model and texture are good... in the game, the texture loads over the OLD 3D model which should not longer exist, and should have been replaced by the new one with Converting from Oedit to PES and importing the file with GGS.

    What am I missing? What am I doing wrong?

  2. triplea007

    triplea007 Non-League

    25 March 2006

    I tried a different approach and I found a workaround, however, the question remains. I should be able to upload "X" bin into "Y" player and update not only his texture, but his 3d model. Why does it only update the texture?

    I realized that apparently you cannot open X player's bin, edit it, and save it onto Y player's bin. Don't know why, it just didn't work for me (I edited a Saviola, and wanted to save it into the Aguero player).

    So I decided to discard my saviola edit, and begin from square 1 with Aguero. I opened his bin file, edited his 3d face with oedit, saved it and explorted the rhino.txt file which has all the coordinates of every modeling dot in the face.

    Converted the new "edited" Aguero to a PES bin file and this one worked. It loaded the new face. Since I didn't want my player to be in the Argentinian squad (I wouldn't be fair for argentinians 'cause my player's skills start off low), I unregistered Aguero and put a better Argentinian in his place.

    I have one little problem though... I'm not Argentinian and custom players don't have the "nationality" option when you edit them.

    Is there any way to change his nationality?
  3. triplea007

    triplea007 Non-League

    25 March 2006
    I had originally posted this by mistake in the Play Station section of the forum. I reopened the thread here. Someone had asked me there how to fix eyes... the eyes of his player appeared black. I've seen that many people have this issue, so let me help.

    It's tricky... This thread might help but the instructions there missed a step that took me over 8 hours to realize. Still, it got me started on the right track.

    I'll try to explain how to start right.

    1. Download a program called DDS Converter.;29412

    2. Open GGS and export some player's bin file (let's say unnamed_1435 which is Saviola) and save it in a new folder. Open that .bin with POC 2008 and export the texture. You should now have unnamed_1435.bin and unnamed_1435.bmp in that folder.

    3. Use DDS Converter to turn unnamed_1435.bin.bmp into a dds file and name it

    4. Open unnamed_1435.bin with POC 2008, go to OPTIONS and and select the second option to edit the DDS file. An editor will open in the Taskbar with your unnamed_1435.bin.bmp image open.

    5. Go to FILE then select SAVE AS ALPHA CHANNEL, and name it:

    Now you have the alpha channel you will need to make the eyes of your texture transparent.


    1. Make a new folder and put your files there:
    * unnamed_1435.bin_a.bmp (and rename it to yourtexture.bin_a.bmp)
    * yourtexture.bin
    * yourtexture.bin.bmp (if you don't have this, just export the texture with POC 2008 and rename adding the .bin)

    2. Open DDS Converter and convert yourtexture.bmp to

    Now your folder has:
    * yourtexture.bin.bmp (your texture)
    * yourtexture.bin_a.bmp (the alpha channel)
    * yourtexture.bin (your bin file)
    * (your dds file)

    3. Open yourtexture.bin in POC 2008 and click OPTIONS again to edit the .dds texture. Check the taskbar and see that your texture file is loaded into the little program.

    4. Now click FILE and OPEN AS ALPHA CHANNEL. Select the file yourtexture.bin_a.bmp

    This step above basically added the transparency needed for your eyes.

    5. SAVE the new .dds over your existing, and you may close that little program.

    6. Go back to POC 2008 where your yourtexture.bin is open, and check the "import texture" and ".dds" boxes. Then click Oedit to PES.

    7. Now the yourtexture.bin file has an alpha channel. Use GGS to import your new genetically improved yourtexture.bin file. You should see all your faces there. If you want to check if you did this correctly (it took me over a dozen tries to figure how to do all this in the right order), then just click the 512kb one and it will be previewed in the GGS display. Select layer transparency (a litte square button near the top) and if you see a black screen with a small white area with the rough shape of an eye, then it's all good!

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