How do you The reverse flick kick

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by lyricl, 13 December 2006.

  1. lyricl

    lyricl Non-League

    13 November 2006
    Dunno what its called....Cris Ronaldo does it all the time, Joe Cole Does it.....Baggio use to do it, in fact he did it in Italia 90......I didn't think this move even existed in the game until I went to the barbers on saturday, & this little kiddy was plying this bloke & the bloke dribbled down the wing, cut inside (was lionel Messi), on the edge of the box had a shot, and I couldn't beleive it when the replay actually confirmed that he scored by kicking the ball from behind his other I say Ronaldo, Joe Cole, etc

    My Question is : How'd You Do It....?
  2. StuartCulli

    StuartCulli College Dropout

    25 July 2006
    Newcastle United
    Where do you go to get your hair cut?!

    And in order to do it, get a player with 'Weaker Foot Frequency' of less than 3, run parallel to the goal, the player's stronger foot nearest the goal, and shoot :D

    That's it basically.
  3. gergerger

    gergerger Banned

    14 March 2005
    lol it's called rabona in south america.
  4. Soovija

    Soovija Conference

    6 March 2006

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