how do we cancel sub?

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by Valmighty, 10 October 2010.

  1. Valmighty

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    16 September 2007
  2. proxi

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    9 February 2003
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    Perform a real-time rewind of the actions you took to arrange a sub, i.e. click on the "to-be-introduced" player again and then click on the "to-be-subbed" player, it will cancel it.
  3. pjft

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    23 June 2003
    Wow. That was probably the most convoluted way to explain the process I could think of ;)

    But thanks for the explanation.

    I'll probably create a new topic on how to cancel man-marking, and how to have the CPU pick the starting eleven by form, AFTER we've been through the Quick Settings menu for the first time, without having to quit the Game Plan screen, and open it again.

    Any insights on this?


    Paulo Tavares

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