How do u play PES10?

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by ono5985, 3 February 2010.

  1. ono5985

    ono5985 Championship

    22 October 2009
    I want to know how everyone else plays the game and what steps they've taken to get extra enjoyment from it.


    First of all i play on 1920 x 1080 24 inch monitor with a HD 4890 graphics card.


    I play with a camera setting of 30 using broadcast 1 and i play with a game speed of .90 although i have also made attribute changes using PES Editor.


    I've lowered a few stats. Acceleration and Sprint Speed has been lowered by around 20-25 points. Passing speed has been lowered by 15.

    I've improved defence by 5-10 points but i've also given most attacking players a shot technique above 85.

    I've improved goalkeeping skills by 10 points and i've also used 80 as a baseline for technique, dribble speed, agility and response.

    I've also give all outfield players the reaction and one touch play skill cards. All of the above has eradicated the really bad turning animations and clunky feel associated with using 'lesser teams' in the game.

    The Game

    I'm currently playing a Master League with Sporting CP. I'm using PES Edit patch 1.5 and i've started in a customised division 2 with a mix of South American and lower level euro teams such as Galatasary, Zenith. Division 1 contains Barca, Madrid, Porto, Shakthar, River Plate, Boca Jnrs and teams of a similar standard.

    I only use a few stadiums. They are Wembley, Stade De France, Nou Camp, Amsterdam Arena, Olimpico, Ville Marie, Stade Louis and all 3 Portuguese stadiums. Old Trafford and Anfield are in use but not by anyone in my particular league.

    This is because the game feels very different (in a bad way)in stadiums such as Bernabeu, Bristol Mary etc...
    I've noticed that the pitches that have square pitch patterns tend to portray a fast but clumsy style of gameplay. I've no idea why it does this, but i believe i am not the only person who has noticed this as being a continuing theme by Konami down the years - different stadiums, whether it's deliberate or not, play a different type of football.

    I've also found that the above stadiums seem to look amazing when playing in sunny weather. Call me a fair weather Brazilian, but the game look so much better on a sunny Stade De France, than it does on a rainy Konami Stadium. When the game is pleasing on the eye, it makes it more enjoyable in my experience.


    I play 20 minute matches on top player. This seems like a long time but given that defences have been improved and the gameplay slowed down, 20 minutes seems perfect in terms of chance creation. The majority of the game is played in the midfield and keeping the ball becomes essential. Hopeful or 'blind passes' result in the ball being lost most of the time.


    I've finally found a formula that makes me love this game. It feels very much like real football. I've never really been a fan of the 10 minute kick and rush style, so this is perfect for me. Most games are only ending like 2-1, 1-1 and even 0-0 despite the long playing time. Everything just feels perfect and for the first time since PES 5, i'm sat away from my pc (i'm at work) wishing i was on it playing PES.

    So i was just wondering how everyone else plays their PES. Hopefully this thread can give ideas for other people, who may not be enjoying the game as much as they had hoped. IMO there is a top quality game in there. I just think a little tweaking is needed to bring the best of it out.
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  2. sonny88123

    sonny88123 Non-League

    4 November 2009
    I play on 1024 x 768 24 inch monitor .

    I like Juice‘s kitserver

    The Game
    I like to use RM,Chelsea,Inter Milan,I am a good player。

    I come from China,the PES patch is very less in our country。So,I admire you。
  3. Cakeboy

    Cakeboy Conference

    31 October 2007

    Any chance you could upload your option file? I use pesedit patch 1.5 (just upgraded to 1.6.5) and can't stand the game at the moment. Hopefully a tweaked OF might help. Thanks in advance.
  4. ono5985

    ono5985 Championship

    22 October 2009
    Yeah mate, i'll do it over the weekend or sooner if i get chance.

    I've actually changed a lot of player stats as some players in my opinion have been vastly under or over rated. Most stats are probably more reflective of Football Manager. There may be some you don't agree with as player ratings are obviously subjective, but you can obviously shange them to your liking.

    I'm not sure how much enjoyment you'll get unless you play pretty long games, as goal-scoring chances are harder to come by.

    But yeah, i'll upload it. :PIRATE:
  5. Cakeboy

    Cakeboy Conference

    31 October 2007
    Nice one mate. Anythings better than the game at the moment!!
  6. klashman69

    klashman69 Fight the Power!

    28 November 2007
    I Travel.
    Hi, I've tried these mods with a Roma League mode i'm using to test the game :) i applaud your work since i can see a lot of people really enjoying the gameplay but it's not for me sorry :)

    Basically it plays like PES6 but more realistic. These mods do seem based on PES 6's gameplay. Problem is for me you can just sprint at teams with any player now. Instead of actually trying to build attacks like i used to using the default gameplay.
  7. freak08

    freak08 League 2

    28 June 2008
    the tweaks I've made are

    1) increased the team work of the teams and more for defenders
    Reason : The AI passes slowly and makes good build-up and off the ball movement is realistic.

    2) Increased the Technique
    reason : The ball is trapped better and dribbling is good, now you can feel the 360 degree motion.

    3) reduced the shot accuracy and increased the Agility
    reason : with better build-up and off the ball movements, players make more tussle and good looking attempts are made by AI and by ourselves.

    4) Positioning and Play making for all the midfielders
    Reason: This might sound crazy, but it works well, now your players do not run every where in the pitch, do not give the positioning card for defenders and forwards else it will be messed up. This seriously helps in good and slow buildup

    5) Player Form = 8 and Stamina reduced by 20%
    Reason: Only for Master League, since the form is randomly calculated in ML, by making all players' form = 8 , its somewhat accurate while playing. Once the stamina is reduced, the players now fully use their tactical abilities and do not run like a mad dog everywhere.

    6) If you want good looking goals, then decrease the swerve/curve and add the special ability"Curling shot", this actually does not curve, but makes the shot to dip. and one more thing you have to increase the "shot technique"

    7)For Goal Keeper, just increase the agility and see the difference.And add the long throw card for all GKs, along with that increase the team work for a slow paced build-up oriented game.

    8) For better passing, do nothing.After doing the above you will feel that passing is good, this happens when your players trap the ball well, so we have increased the technique.

    Important note : If you play with bigger teams at the beginning, this might be easy, but first try with some small teams :), If you like it you can start your ML and have a whole new experience throughout the season !!
  8. yagami

    yagami Conference

    29 November 2003
    well , my changes to normal pes 2010 :

    kitserver with pesedit patch , graphics mod improved and speed at 0.94 %

    in normal game , i choose "Player" CAM. its very weird and difficult at first , but after getting used to it , its great, the best playing experience :)

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