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how do i do it

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by MOFO_08, 16 May 2007.

  1. MOFO_08

    MOFO_08 League 2

    24 November 2006
    Millwall F.C
    im quiet new to all this stuff but i was wondering how i can update my pes6 for my pc.

    how do i get them to all wear the real kits, and also have real boots ect?????

    any help will be much appriciated.


  2. MOFO_08

    MOFO_08 League 2

    24 November 2006
    Millwall F.C

    i have lookes in tutorials the lot but it makes no sence to me.

    this is driving me crazey.

    sum1 please help me. :(
  3. jondux

    jondux Conference

    28 August 2006
    Just download a patch. eg. Search for Superpatch or Evolution Patch 1.3 (This is what I use, really good) on this forum. You will have to download each file which takes time but worth it.

    Here is link for Evolution Patch will explain it better there:


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