How can I clear Memorial Matches data?

Discussion in 'Winning Eleven' started by martinja, 5 August 2005.

  1. martinja

    martinja Guest

    I made one match to test it and now I want to clear that data. How do I do that?
  2. ClassicD

    ClassicD Galáctico

    11 November 2001
    Probably delete your option file.
  3. martinja

    martinja Guest

    Ye, that is obvious, but besides that?
  4. ClassicD

    ClassicD Galáctico

    11 November 2001
    If the memorial match data is integrated into the option file, then it's very likely impossible to delete without deleting the entire file.
  5. Tashan

    Tashan Non-League

    4 August 2004
    Off topic but what is a memorial match
  6. Elber

    Elber basti10

    8 July 2003
    Germany, Bavaria
    Bayern Munich
    It saves statistics from multiplayer matches if your mate brings his memory card with his option file.

    has anyone tried it?

    what statistics does it save?

    Is it any fun/useful?
  7. martinja

    martinja Guest

    It saves detailed info, shots on goal, havent looked too much into it, ill be playing with a mate on sunday loads of matches so I will find out then how usefull itis
  8. fatman_scoop

    fatman_scoop League 2

    8 August 2004
    Is the Memorial match there in place of Exhibition match? do you have to play Memorial matches when you just want a simple friendly?
  9. Elite

    Elite League 1

    24 June 2002
    The Netherlands

    It is great!!! now my m8 can finally see whos better :D I used it from the beginning and it is a lot of fun. IT shows the wins/draws/losses and a lot of other information about cards, fouls etc etc :)


    no that isnt needed. YOu can just play an friendly match :) FOr the memorial option you will need a memory card in slot 1(yourself) and 2(a friend)
  10. Androctonvs

    Androctonvs Discovered The FK Bug

    30 November 2003
    SL Benfica
    Yeah, but imagine you want to play against two friends, one each time... you have to go to the mode select menu everytime one of them loses...
    it sucks!
  11. Sulph

    Sulph Goodbye...

    28 September 2003
    Great feature!
  12. Cretu

    Cretu Guest

    Does the memorial match save stats in the matches against CPU ?
  13. martinja

    martinja Guest

    I am happy to have 2 cards : )
  14. Derfil

    Derfil Big Boss

    6 July 2004
    A.C. Milan
    Delete option file !!
    It's stupid :-s .. there must be a way :-s
  15. timsmith10000

    timsmith10000 LEICESTER CITY!

    18 August 2003
    i play my brother most of the time and we use the same mem card, so this means our data wont be recorded cos we think we are better than each other
  16. kevano22

    kevano22 TDWFYU

    2 August 2003
    its stupid, it doesnt record the teams used or the final score, just stuff like shots, on target, fouls etc

    thought it was pretty gay but its a start i spose
  17. rvcruz

    rvcruz Non-League

    8 March 2005
    Porto Alegre, Brasil
    should keep teams statistics too.
    i play along with 8 friends. im chelsea, there are:
    milan, inter, real, liverpool, barcelona, bayern, arsenal and manchester.
    i wish we could have teams statistics, so we can see who´s the best. but...
    lets wait we9:evolution

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