History Of The FIFA World Cup (Shollym Classic Patch requiered!)

Discussion in 'Online PES gaming' started by Damjan, 19 October 2011.

  1. Damjan

    Damjan World Cup Winner

    16 July 2011

    Hi guys! I'm organizing a tournament for Shollym Classic Patch.
    It'll be a mini World Cup with 16 NATIONAL teams that are included in Shollym's classic patch.

    The format will be the same as the World Cup, only with 4 groups instead of 8. Each team plays each other once in the group, and numbers 1 and 2 from each group advance. With the number 1 of group playing the number 2 of poule B, and so on.

    Plese leave your nickname on Evo-Web, Fiveserver and you're MSN address here. Like so:​
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  2. SiempreBoca

    SiempreBoca Non-League

    28 September 2011
  3. Chonpa

    Chonpa Non-League

    19 October 2011
    FC Juventus
  4. FreshZ

    FreshZ Non-League

    28 September 2011
  5. Berryem

    Berryem Non-League

    9 October 2011
  6. elvir_tz

    elvir_tz Non-League

    29 September 2011

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