History of Argentinian Club Football

Discussion in 'Football' started by Mark, 26 April 2012.

  1. Mark

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    Hey lads,

    did anyone some good homepages about the history of Argentinian club football and the current scene? Read some interesting articles about the topic and would love to read some more stuff about Boca, River and all the other teams.
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    26 August 2009
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  3. Mark

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    8 August 2005
    Þórshöfn, Føroyar
    Thanks for the links mate! If someone have other resources?

    ALBICELESTE2010 Champions League

    13 July 2006
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    The Ball Is Round by David Goldblatt has an excellent section in general on the development of South American football, the social politics involved and it's development from being imported from Britain and it's founders like Isaac Newell in Argentina.

    There is an unfortunate paucity of book's on Argentine football history certainly in English.

    Which mean's a lot of the development's made in in the game over there have been overlooked such as total football, technique, nutrition and match analysis.

    And many of the great players like Jose Moreno and others have been completely forgotten about in Europe.

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