Hi, lag on 8600GT card even on meduim settings ??

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by lombard, 20 June 2009.

  1. lombard

    lombard Non-League

    5 July 2007
    Hi, i had a 7600GT card in my media center with AMD X2 3800+, and i could run pro evo 09 with evo patch , kit server, was running at 1920 x 1080 at medium settings run well and very smooth also could run it at 1336 x 720 on high settings with a problem on samsung 46 1080p, now i have a 8600GT and it lags on both settings i thought 8600gt was similiar to 7600gt, it stutters slightly ever 2-4 seconds can anyone tell me why is this ??

  2. lombard

    lombard Non-League

    5 July 2007
    Thanks anyway :), just ticked v sync in settings and now working at meduim @ 1920 x 1080p flawlass :)
  3. Kenny_C

    Kenny_C International

    23 June 2008
    Valencia F.C.
    Well dude i didn't understand ur pb well, but i have an 8600 GT too and i run PES 2009 at high settings very well, i run also games like Dirt and Grid high settings too

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