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Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by pes_godfather, 19 September 2006.

  1. erm i have forgot the name of a wbsite, i am wondering if u will help me, the site was created by the PESFAN user "toge 64", it was all about Young Player Development in Master Leages, and showed u development screens, SO WOULD U PLEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAASE HELP ????? please, oh pretty please ?????
  2. benjo

    benjo Guest

    first thing to do ask PESFan ?
    sorry i'm also a PESFan member but i don't know this.
  3. martin1337

    martin1337 Non-League

    30 August 2005
    I would recommend going on PESFan and PM'ing 'Toge64'.

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