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here are the teams who have fake player names...

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC, PS2, PSP, Wii, DS' started by girish, 27 October 2006.

  1. girish

    girish Guest

    i have posted whether anyone had a thread of the fake players and their real names but i cannot find one. as i am not on Live and will not be downloading the option file from any website, those who want to edit manually should do so right away or wait and hope a thread exists.

    i have not given the names of players that need to be changed and their real names as i cannot be bothered too 2bh too time consuming and i am only changing players who i know so i have not bothered with teams i am never going to play with- so teams not below may have fake names but thats up to you to find out. ive also only corrected a few key players in teams that i know of in teams i will rarely play with eg drogba at i coast as he's the only one i know of.

    found most squads on wikipedia if you type in eg bulgaria national football team.

    *note that some players are not on wikipedia and you have to think who they could be eg lahm in german squad there is no defender with surname beginning L so do the ones you can find and he is the last one.

    teams with? are ones i am not sure of as i could not find their squads

    teams not uncluded have real player names

    n ireland
    serbia and montenagro
    ivory coast
    costa rica
    trinadad and tobago
    usa saudi arabia

  2. bonus

    bonus Non-League

    1 September 2002
    Nice, I've been after something like this.

    Now if anyone updates their squads could they post them here.

    Any I get done I'll post here too.
  3. SuicydeSnake

    SuicydeSnake Guest

    Hi, since im a welshman here are your wales mods:

    Fake Name ---> Real name:
    Pone Joels ---> Paul Jones
    Cattison---> Danny Gabbidon
    Rinard Taffy---> Craig Morgan
    San Raretts---> Sam Ricketts
    Camel Saletcher---> Carl Fletcher
    Daymees---> Simon Davies
    Calm Rolenson---> Carl Robinson
    Gils---> Ryan Giggs
    Belasie ---> Craig Bellamy
    Plois---> Lewis Price
    Dayne Coil---> Danny Collins
    Conaizo---> James Collins
    Nilgarna---> Lewin Nyatanga
    Delasey---> Mark Delaney
    Emoark---> Rob Edwards
    Crims---> James Collins
    Leydon---> Joe Ledley
    Vorssin---> David Vaughn
    Kulmaso---> Jason Koumas
    Cortaile---> David Cotterill
    Earltou---> Robert Earnshaw

    pealtich and paili, i have no idea who they are. There might be some errors in that list as well,i just compiled them quickly. Feedback welcome
    Last edited by a moderator: 27 October 2006
  4. achromatic

    achromatic Guest

    I think wales goes like this actually:

    here's the welsh side as far as I know...

    Gils = Giggs
    Belasie = Bellamy
    Cortaile = Cotterill
    Earltou = Earnshaw

    Camel Saletcher = Carl Fletcher
    Daymees = Davies
    Calm Rolenson = Carl Robinson
    Leydon = Ledley
    Vorssin = Vaughn
    Kulmaso = Koumas

    Payli = Page
    Cattison = Gabbidon
    Rinard Taffy = Craig Morgan
    San Raretts = Sam Ricketts
    Pealtich = partridge
    Dayne Coil = Danny Collins
    Conaizo = Collins
    Nilgarna = Nyatanga
    Delasey = Delaney
    Emoark = Edwards
    Crims = ?

    Pone Joels = Paul Jones
    Plois = Price

    come on cymru

    I'll try and figure out germany if I can
    Last edited by a moderator: 27 October 2006
  5. achromatic

    achromatic Guest

    Germany (copied from elsewhere)




  6. zidane75

    zidane75 Non-League

    11 August 2005
  7. Dodgymat

    Dodgymat Guest

    That would be my list I made for GameFAQs users yesterday. Credit where its due eh ?
  8. zidane75

    zidane75 Non-League

    11 August 2005
    Nice one mate, didnt know if the creator would be on here or not. Anyways nice job it has helped me alot. Ps i wasn't tryin to take credit.
  9. Dodgymat

    Dodgymat Guest

    s'ok, didn't expect to see it on here tbh. No problem. Wikipedia has great info on current squads, national and domestic.

    A guy helped me with Boca Juniors - full team is in the updated list now, as well as Classic France for PES6, and all of last years classic names. I was going to type up all 25 teams that I've edited, but was sitting at a wierd angle when I did my editing and have hurt my back/shoulder.

    Might do it later in the week - if no-one posts one anywhere :)

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