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Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by dmxdex2020, 25 August 2005.

  1. dmxdex2020

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    30 June 2005
    Hey guys i got a router i need to know what ports i need to open i got to were it says NAT in my router options when i go to were it says NAT i have two options to select from special applications and virtual server im not sure which one i need to go into to change the ports could anyone help me with this please thank you.
  2. dogzilla

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    have a look here

    this is what i did because i dont understand a damn of routers

    5) If it still doesn't work, another option in your routers configuration area is to enable DMZ for your local IP address. Routers have a built in firewall to protect you from the internet; enabling this turns off this protection. In effect, it forwards ALL ports to your computer. If you do find that this works for you, you can protect yourself quite easily again by installing a free software firewall. Windows XP with Service Pack 2 has a pretty decent built in firewall for you to use; a small guide to it will be at the bottom of this page.

    maybe you can find something here
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  3. Sime0n

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    10 March 2004
    Wolverhampton, England
    What i did was open Konami-->Settings--->Goto to online tab, defualt port is 5739. So go to my router settings set up virtual server to open port on TCP/UDP for 5739 to 5740. Works fine and everyoen can connect both ways :D

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