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HELP WE9I - "Unable to register"

Discussion in 'Winning Eleven' started by emmanuel, 19 February 2006.

  1. emmanuel

    emmanuel Guest

    Hello People !!

    I´m new here and I have a problem when i try to register a new user.
    The message "Unable to register" it´s showed.
    Well, I think that someone who got to register can to register the others.
    Then, someone who got to register can register me please ???
    Please use this informations:

    User ID: emmanuel
    Password: evoweb

    Thank´s a lot

  2. ezio

    ezio League 2

    6 August 2003
    New Jersey
    AS Roma

    It's because your password is only 6 charcters. It has to be 8 also.

  3. sebastian11

    sebastian11 Guest

    well if he typed 6 charcters only he wont b able to press the register button ^^ . The problem is your old PS2 ....try do it with a slim 1
  4. ezio

    ezio League 2

    6 August 2003
    New Jersey
    AS Roma
    Actually he would since I had the same problem until I made the username and password both 8 characters.

  5. crashbash

    crashbash Guest

    LOL... u guys r noobes? i see... (just kidding)... It means... try a new nick name... make it longer. write down some unique symbols, etc... because konami is a japanese company... they wount show you why you where unable to register... believe me! Change your nick name~

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