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Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by kouroux, 22 August 2010.

  1. kouroux

    kouroux I have no imagination

    24 July 2005
    Manchester United
    So here is the thing, I have recently bought a PS3 but I cannot access Internet with it and I want to have a reasonably patched game.Therefore I need to update my PES2010 via a USB key to get the best patches working.
    I know all the procedure regarding the installation of the update on the ps3 and all I just know is where I can download the latest Konami update for PES2010 on the ps3 via my PC so I could upload it on USB device and install it on my console.
    Any help will be appreciated.
  2. feeder18

    feeder18 Non-League

    19 August 2010
    Wolverhampton Wanderers
    Im in a similar position, but with PES 2009 on my Xbox 360. I am connected to the internet on my console, however the download option in System Settings just leads to 'More Information' about no downloads, and the update file I am looking for (v1.4) off the PC based XBL Marketplace (called March 09) wont download? Anyone out there than can help or send me a link to download the update for 360 to my PC and then how to transfer it across to my Xbox?

    I like editing myself, so I just want the original update if anyone can help. Thanks (:

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