Help me name the game please

Discussion in 'Other Games' started by thekopspy, 29 November 2007.

  1. thekopspy

    thekopspy Conference

    17 September 2004
    Few months ago i read a preview for a game coming out next year on all next gen formats.

    The game was set in New York, you play as a man who can jump city blocks, climb up buildings and had weird powers. (I know it aint spiderman or GTAIV)

    I cant think what it was called and its doing my head in.

    The review was in gamesmaster the same time they previewed Assassins Creed... it was these 2 games that stuck out most.

    Any help would me grateful.

  2. Jamesy

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    21 February 2005
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  3. embraceuk1

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    30 December 2001
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    Yeah its Prototype i have a thread on here somewhere with scans etc
  4. thekopspy

    thekopspy Conference

    17 September 2004
    Thanks boys, it was doing my head in.

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