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Discussion in 'Winning Eleven' started by vik_sohonie, 22 August 2006.

  1. vik_sohonie

    vik_sohonie Guest

    My ML freezes after the final fixture during the 2nd season, it happens when its simulating fixtures from the other leagues and competitions when it reaches "League D Division 1 Final Fixture" it freezes. I dont know if its the patch b/c i have tried 3 dif copies of WE10 (two with KM patch and one with a WMS patch) all crash! PLEASE HELP!!!!
  2. vik_sohonie

    vik_sohonie Guest

    come on anybody please? no one has had this problem??? its on WE 10 btw. please you'll be in my prayers if you can help me, i was on a roll with my ML team and it seems to be all going to ****
  3. KingSingh

    KingSingh Non-League

    27 March 2006
    I had the same problem. Unfortunately I thought it might be the patch version that I was using. However I re did the league with the proper players and it was fine. I did it again with the crap players and the same thing happened. Must be a bug in the game.

    I noticed it only happens if you dont get promoted from D2 at the first attempt with the crap players.

    so to sum up play the league with the proper players - I know its not the same but hey - we all love Pro
  4. ELPiCO

    ELPiCO Guest

    Buy a japanese PS2 and WE10 then learn Kantonese or whatever, that should avoid untimely crashes :)

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