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[HELP] In-Game Formation Change [Real Time Formation Change] Whatever Its Called.

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by SL1, 10 January 2007.

  1. SL1

    SL1 Non-League

    4 January 2007
    Just wanna know what each Real time formation does,

    When you press R1 And L1 Then Either Triangle, Circle, Square Or X it appears in the bottom of the screen next to the player names etc..

    i believe in PES5 I was doing it and sometimes the midfielders used to change flanks,

    I seem to do it on PES6 and i can't see what it does.

    Can anyone fill me on on what each on does please??
  2. FyNoMeNoN

    FyNoMeNoN League 2

    3 July 2006
    Wat it does is.. u give each button a function.. like u let O be tha one that makes Counter Attack.. and let X be tha one that makes Pressure.. and so on.. so in tha match when u press L1 + O u will make counter attack.. so u assign each of tha 4 buttons to something.. thats all
  3. SL1

    SL1 Non-League

    4 January 2007
    Oh Ok...

    So when i have L1 + O On. I will play the counter attack attack play stops.

    thanks bro
  4. wwegoldberg

    wwegoldberg Non-League

    11 August 2004
    Theres a menu there, where you can find out, I think when your in the formation screen, go to Team, then Change Game Plan, it should show you there :)

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