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Help in creating the list of unofficial comments in history of PES (not converted)

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC, PS2, PSP, Wii, DS' started by Miczki, 20 February 2014.

  1. Miczki

    Miczki Non-League

    20 February 2012
    I decided to create a complete list of unofficial comments to every PES (not converted from FIFA), in which the voice is put by fans, and put it on Wikipedia, to appreciate their great work. I can not without your help, because I do not know many languages. I some items make, but many do not know or I'm not sure. I would be grateful for your help. Let's do it for the world stage and PES!

    Comments can be edited from 4 to 2013. For a new engine in 2014 is impossible, and probably will not be.

    PES 4

    PES 5

    PES 6
    Turkish - Hasan Mustan with Numan Mustan and Emin Zevkliler with Ercan Ayan

    PES 2008
    Turkish - ???

    PES 2009
    Turkish - Emin Zevkliler with Hasan Mustan

    PES 2010
    Turkish - ???

    PES 2011
    Turkish - ???

    PES 2012
    Polish - Dawid Nowak with Mikołaj Baranek
    Romanian - Andre Iepure with George Nistor
    Turkish - Hasan Mustan with Ali Kerim Öner and Emin Zevkliler with Ercan Ayan

    PES 2013
    Thai - ??? with ??? (to identification: YouTube - Thailand Commentary for Pro Evolution Soccer 2013)
    Turkish - Hasan Mustan with Ali Kerim Öner and Emin Zevkliler with Ercan Ayan

    PS. I'm sorry for my poor English. I hope that everyone understood.


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