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Discussion in 'Football' started by tompas, 13 March 2006.

  1. tompas

    tompas Guest

    Hi fellows, i am a student and i am now taking a General course in Economics, i have an assignment, and i decided to do it regarding fantasy sports especially football (Europe-for the Americans soccer).

    so if you please can answer this survey it will be helpful, it takes 60 sec, and BTW, i am not getting money from this, as it is a argument that in some places i need to explain, this survey is being take in a free service, any one can make a survey.

    If you have more questions ,don't hesitate.
  2. tompas

    tompas Guest

    Hi fellows a little "news" break from my survey, till
    now 7 users filled it up, lets keep this going\\:o/ :applause:
  3. tompas

    tompas Guest

    "news" break 2, 11 users till now, great great great:applause: :applause: \\:o/ \\:o/
  4. tompas

    tompas Guest

    "news" break number 3, till now 13 users filled the survey, keep it going on\\:o/ \\:o/ \\:o/ :lmao: :applause: :applause:
  5. tompas

    tompas Guest

    16, great great, i have 2 more days till my survey is going down, i hope to reach 20 over here\\:o/ \\:o/ \\:o/ \\:o/

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